Being a Mom Doesn’t Mean You Have to Dress Like a Mom: Jada’s Before & After

Be seen for who you are as a woman, and not just the roles you play.

You are dedicated to your role as a mother, but you don’t want that to define you as a woman.

As a woman, you fill many roles. When your primary role is mother it’s easy to lose your sense of self and get caught up in the busy-ness of life! Taking time to refine and polish your style gets put on the back burner and an easy practical wardrobe takes over and becomes your standard.

Meet Jada, a stunning Type 4 woman who wants “to be seen for who I am and not just a mom.” She was interested in fashion but felt lost in her attempts to find a personal style that felt distinct and expressed her truth as a woman. Watch as my Type 4 Expert, Kalista, and I guide her through a makeover transformation that is polished and pulled-together while still being practical for her daily life. You won’t believe that this stunning, stylish woman could be the active mom of 6 children!

In this Before & After we talk about (The makeover begins at 10:38):

  • (1:40) Don’t let anyone tell you who you are. How to be your own authority in this self-discovery process.
  • (3:54) How to step out of the practical mommy style and into your personal expression.
  • (15:33) How your Style Guide helps you easily refine your clean polished style.

Begin your self-discovery journey and start expressing your beautiful truth!

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Video Transcript:

Interviewer: I would like to introduce you to Jada. Hi Jada.

Jada: Hi.

Interviewer: And you are a bold and striking type four woman.

Interviewer: Yes.

Jada: Yes.

Interviewer: You’re owning that now?

Jada: Yes, I am.

Interviewer: So tell our viewers a little bit about your process as you learned about your beauty type?

Jada: Well, I was told by a friend that I was a type four.

Interviewer: Had you even heard about this or had any background on your own when your friend decided she would tell you what type you are?

Jada: I heard a little bit about it.

Interviewer: But you’d never studied it?

Jada: No.

Interviewer: Okay. So was that a supportive feeling or sort of a, why are you telling me who I am?

Jada: I was actually really interested because I didn’t feel like I really knew a lot about fashion and I felt kind of lost.

Interviewer: Then you started to study it on your own?

Jada: Yes. In fact, I noticed that when I dressed around her I would dress more my truth and then at home I would dress more like this.

Interviewer: Okay. And then, so in your own study and effort to discover this on your own, did you start to see the type four in yourself? Was that presenting as far as your different behavior tendencies, your thought and feeling processes? Were you seeing that?

Jada: I was seeing that but I would actually…I wanted to disprove her in it.

Interviewer: Which I think is a great example of your nature to be your own authority that you wanted to choose your own truth in this process and not then just agree with someone.

Jada: Exactly.

Interviewer: So which was very representative of your type four nature actually and wanting to say, well I want to be a different type ’cause I don’t want to be the type she told me.

Jada: Exactly. So that’s exactly right.

Interviewer: Which is more evidence that you are a type four energy.

Jada: Right.

Interviewer: So how did you work around that? You know, how’d you move forward knowing?

Jada: It was really hard to move forward because I kept looking at all of the other types and I would say, “Oh, I’m a type two or I’m a type one.” And then I would think, “Oh, am I a type three”? Because I didn’t even want to look at type three. But then every time I would learn more and more and more, I just, I was like, yes, I’m a type four and it was so comforting and just like it was an amazing feeling to finally be able to say I am a type four.

Interviewer: That’s great. What attributes did you recognize in yourself that you felt were now you could honor, you could really see the value of those personal traits versus feeling they were a flaw or something you would condemn yourself for?

Jada: Well, one of the things sounds kind of silly, but as I was watching the videos I think was the energy profiling when you talk about doodling and you’re going through all the different types, I was like, “Oh no, I don’t doodle.” I was so worried and I was like trying to doodle on my notes.

Interviewer: Thinking I’m messing up the paper.

Jada: Yeah. And then as soon as you said type fours don’t doodle, and I just was so happy and grateful that I, I don’t know, it’s so silly, but.

Interviewer: Oh, I’m just being me.

Jada: Yes.

Interviewer: And most type fours don’t doodle. There’s always an exception to any particular assessment tool, you know, they say it’s not 100%, but the majority will land in that as correct. You’re a very dedicated mother, all type four moms are very dedicated to that role but you don’t want it to define you as a woman.

Interviewer: Right. I want to be seen for who I am and not just like, “Oh, she’s a mom.” I want to be seen as me.

Interviewer: Your individual self.

Jada: Right.

Interviewer: Yes, that you are, and again, is that reference to being your own authority, your individuality expressing through. And I know dressing your truth will support you because in the fashion experience it’s very common for moms to pretty much look like you’re looking right now. It’s a very common place to go because it’s practical.

Jada: Right.

Interviewer: And so that will be a great support to that commitment you have in that value that you have in your own personal expression of self that you’ll be seen for who you are as a woman. So Calista has selected a outfit that will support you in that. Are you ready to see what she has?

Jada: I’m so excited.

Interviewer: I am too. So let’s meet with Calista and see what she’s chosen for you.

[00:04:51.527] [music] [00:05:14.796]

Kalista has chosen a fabulous outfit for Jada that does work with her lifestyle because you are a stay at home mom, so it needs to have some practicality to it. And we’ve done that for each of our transformation models that Calista has thought, all right, what is their day to day experience? And in this case you’ve done a fabulous job. What’s your thoughts on this?

Interviewer: I am so excited.

Interviewer: You are?

Jada: I cannot wait to put this on.

Interviewer: Share with our viewers why this is…what you’re liking about it? What are you noticing that feels good to you?

Jada: I love the shoes because I am always running around everywhere and I love the pants, they’re practical for bending down on the floor with my little ones or running around shopping. I would look like I was pulled together.

Interviewer: And that’s important to you to, look polished, to look put together?

Jada: Right.

Interviewer: Great. Because you do look put together now but obviously not true to who you are.

Jada: Right.

Interviewer: So, Calista share with everyone these beautiful garments that you’ve selected.

Kalista: So this is a personal favorite set for me because I’m in the same place in life that you are. So this was really easy for me to put together here. So what this jacket has beautiful structure, great clean lines, lovely…the zipper creates a statement here on the front almost as an accessory to the outfit here. And this top has bold stripes, a little bit thinner at the top and the cuffs, creating a balance there. Love it, love it, love it. How do you feel about it?

Jada: I love it.

Kalista: It’s great, huh?

Jada: Yes.
Interviewer: I want to mention on the jacket, it appears that it’s leather, it’s actually a very high sheen fabric.

Kalista: It is, it’s a woven.

Interviewer: So again more practical.

Kalista: And you could move it up or down or whatever, it would still have that great structure because the lines are so nice. And then with the jeans, they are a slim leg pant that have a almost an icy finish, I love them. They do have some stretch to them, so like you said, practical for your up and down on the floor. So to accessorize this fantastic outfit, we’re gonna start with earrings. I’ve selected some ovals in a classic high shine silver. What do you think?

Interviewer: I love them.

Kalista: Great. And then for necklaces, kind of was feeling a little nautical so we went with an anchor pendant, it’s a high shine silver, a little more simple. And because you’re running around all the time, some beautiful canvas white, white, white shoes.

Jada: Great.

Kalista: Nice and comfortable. So…

Interviewer: Well and you’ll see it’s very common for type four in the type four style that you’ll be monochromatic like one color or solid colors are a preference. This is an example of putting two colors together with high contrast, those clean, high contrast in the lines and, you know, you can go to three colors in an outfit that again the movement goes up the more you add in color. You may have made a decision, I can’t wear orange or I can’t wear red or a particular color you might have selected and say, I really can’t wear that. And the reason it didn’t look correct was not a pure hue, it was not the right version of red or orange. And so in this case, Calista has chosen a very bold, saturated red.

Kalista: It’s red. As red as it gets.

Interviewer: That’s right. With that high contrast with the white and very stark clean white. So I’ve noticed that you have some blended highlights in your hair and you know that in the type four hair color experience, the blended highlights are not your best look, they’re actually not a type four look. What’s your background with your hair, have you done a lot of experimental things over the years?

Jada: Yes, I’ve done it all. I’ve had many different hair colors and lots of highlights and I’ve had even purple streaks in my hair, black.

Interviewer: Was that an effort to try and find what felt correct to you? What did you like?

Jada: I think just the experimenting was fun but I didn’t always feel good in what I was experimenting with.

Interviewer: Well that’s such a common place for any woman of any type to find themselves when it comes to hair because there’s just not very good clear information to what is a preference for who you are as a woman. So a type four, again, as your own authority, just decide I’m going to try out a lot of different things and see which is correct for me. So we’re excited to give you that guidance and show you both in helping you learn what’s correct for you and then you’ll be able to model that and it will be stunning on you, I’m confident about that. Then makeup, you’re a busy mom, do you have a preference for makeup? What’s your background with your makeup experience?

Jada: I love makeup. I’ve experimented with makeup probably as much as I have with hair.

Interviewer: Okay. So we’re going into a more bold statement with your makeup but again, it will look very balanced with everything else that we’re doing. And we’ll… As you want for yourself, you’ll be seen for who you are as a woman.

Jada: Great.

Interviewer: And they’ll go, “You’re kidding me, you have six children?

Jada: That’s what I like.

Interviewer: There’s no way.” That’s where we’re going. So, Calista, love what you’ve selected here.
Calista: Thank you so much.

Interviewer: We’re ready to move forward. Jada, we’re excited for you. Thanks for letting us support you.

Jada: Thank you so much.

[00:10:38.798] [music] [00:11:05.233]

Interviewer: Well, I’m very excited for Jada’s reveal. She had expressed really a great desire to have a distinct look that really identified her as her own expression itself and you feel like you achieved that.

Kalista: Absolutely. She is just stunning and amazing.

Jada: I’m really excited to see the reveal and let’s take a look at her before picture. So let’s bring Jada out.

Kalista: Come on out, Jada.

Interviewer: You have come to life.

Jada: I feel alive.

Interviewer: Do you feel that?

Jada: I do, I feel it.

Interviewer: I love your hair.

Jada: Thank you.

Interviewer: How are you feeling about your hair?

Jada: I feel amazing, I love it. I feel like this is me, this is my true self, I love it.

Interviewer: That’s so fabulous. If you don’t mind, let’s see a little profile shot so they can see this is a great…

Jada: [inaudible 00:11:55.639].

Interviewer: …stacked look with you with that really classic type four A-line cut but with some movement in there, which I love to show type four women that it’s not always about just straight and sat, that we can put some movement but it’s still very sleek and well-placed.
Jada: Yes, I love it. I really, really love it.

Interviewer: You really love it, like five times love it?

Jada: Yes, over and over

Interviewer: From what I’m seeing, you’ve…looks close to like we had taught and the instructional part of the course that when you wet your hair that you can go that dark if you choose to go a little darker and you’re a great example of how fabulous that looks to go a couple levels darker.

Jada: Thank you.

Interviewer: Your blue eyes are just so reflective and show them off, you need to show off this stunning look of yours. What do you love about the outfit and how it feels on the body?

Jada: It fits perfect.

Interviewer: That’s important.

Jada: I love that. That’s very important. I love the color, I love the stripes. I didn’t wear a lot of stripes before but I love this look.

Interviewer: What I hadn’t realized actually when you presented this, Calista, this was a longer piece and actually with it dropped down it takes away a little more of the playful quality that it’s not so obvious as far as but it’s still creating a bold statement because we have this really wonderful, this little bit heavier chain.

Kalista: Creates a line then.

Interviewer: I’d love for you to share what you’ve really enjoyed, you know, how you put this together and how she’s wearing it now.

Kalista: The red, we have the red lips, the red and the top, the red in the pants, creating that balance and that symmetry and then topping off with the white shoes. It’s just all about balance with this outfit and it brings a clarity to her, we really see her, she comes forward, it’s just stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Interviewer: And the red lips really connect it all.

Jada: Yes. I told you I love to experiment with makeup but I’ve never done such bold colors before and I love it.

Interviewer: I love the eye makeup too. Just to share what you’ve selected.

Kalista: She’s got a [inaudible 00:14:10.307] white with a frosty blue and then with the red lips and the red cheeks.

Interviewer: I love it.

Kalista: Simple, clean, polished and stunning.

Interviewer: So we have the jacket?

Jada: We do.

Interviewer: Let me grab that.

Jada: Great.

Kalista: Be fun to see what this does to the level that we have going on here.

Jada: I love it.

Interviewer: It’s so clean, it’s just so…
Jada: I felt so just so just pulled together and like I can just…

Kalista: You can take this, add some white pumps and then you’re ready to go out in the night.

Jada: I love it.

Kalista: Got a date tonight look going on here.

Jada: Love it.

Interviewer: And I love how in this movement when we’ve got the more refined to find lines in the symmetry, really just honors the sculpted qualities, that high cheekbone, that really defined jawline that you have just all is really supported and the beauty is so evident and all types of women have that, those are your physical characteristics that we’re helping accentuate with the movement in your type four style.

Jada: Thank you so much.

Interviewer: Pretty fun. And as a mom of six you feel like you’re going to be successful and being able to…

Jada: Yes, I feel like…

Interviewer: Dress your truth and build your wardrobe.

Jada: Yes, I love it. Thank you so much.

Interviewer: You are welcome. I want to get the style guide for you.

Jada: All right.

Interviewer: As you can see, this is all so clean.

Kalista: It’s a very, clean, clean style.

Interviewer: Feel so polished. Your goal was I like being well put together, you definitely are.

Jada: Yes, I feel that.

Interviewer: See the connection here, the harmony with that and the five elements are all being expressed in every piece of your wardrobe, all the accessories, your hairstyle now has that clean line, that structure quality too, and so again, is the keywords that are represented in your style guide, they’re all being expressed on your body now. Calista would like to invite you to do our 30-day challenge.

Kalista: I would. So what the 30-day challenge is is we give you the opportunity to really step in and just immerse yourself in the type four energy by dressing completely and 100% type four for 30 full days. This gives you the opportunity to really feel it, to just take it in your whole body. And I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna do that anyway.

Jada: Oh, definitely.

Kalista: So challenge or not, you’re going for it, right?

Jada: Right.

Kalista: So good. Do you accept that challenge then?

Jada: I accept it.

Kalista: Wonderful.

Interviewer: I think too just not only the experience of committing to the 30 days, you’re gonna be able to keenly get more aware of your beauty six sense. What’s correct for Jada? What is your distinct type four look, your style as a type four woman.

Jada: Perfect. I can’t wait. Thank you.

Interviewer: Well, you’re on your way. And thank you, Calista.

Kalista: Well, thank you.

Jada: Yes, thank you.

Kalista: Thank you for letting me share this experience with you.
Jada: Thank you so much.

Kalista: You’re welcome, it’s been a pleasure.

Interviewer: Well, you’re ready to move forward?

Jada: Yes.

Interviewer: You’ll be successful as will all of you.

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