New Spring Makeup Looks (We’ve Got A Few Tricks Up Our Sleeves)

Try new colors with confidence!

Trying new makeup can seem risky, but not so with Dressing Your Truth makeup collections.

We remove the guesswork so that you can invest with confidence! With simple to master techniques and quality products and tools, you can incorporate new colors with pro-level results. From classic to complimentary these new makeup collections expand your skills and shake up your makeup routine!

Watch the video for your Type of beauty (or all four for extra tips) as your DYT Expert walks you through a fresh and versatile spring makeup look that boosts your makeup confidence! We feature some new items and a few classic favorites.

But first, we are starting out with foundation. A great option for spring is BB Cream, a light 3-in-1 option that includes moisturizer, sunscreen, and light coverage foundation. For a luxurious pro-finish, apply with the Buffer Foundation Brush. (Need a little more coverage? Layer with Dual Blend Powder Foundation). Next is brows, don’t skip this step! And then finish up your prep with eye and lip primers. Now you’re ready for color.

Type 1, Make a splash with Jaleah’s fresh and glowing makeup look!

  • (3:04) Eyes, (9:10) Cheeks, (9:47) Lips, (10:14) Now, for a treat!

Type 2, Feel a new rhythm with Anne’s rosy blush makeup look.

  • (00:41) Lips, (1:56) Cheeks, (2:42) Eyes 

Type 3, See the difference a fourth makes with Anna K’s can’t-go-wrong makeup look!

  • (00:24) Eyes, (7:45) Cheeks, (8:14) Lips 

Type 4, Get ready for compliments with Kalista’s complementary-colors makeup look.

  • (1:00) Eyes, (9:44) Cheeks, (11:02) Lips 

Add some fresh new color to your makeup this spring!

Shop the New Spring Collections!

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