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Embrace Your Type 1 Playfulness (Even as an Adult): Q&A with the Experts

Careers, correct colors, and coping with negativity on social media.

Yep, this event was full to the brim with great conversations.

Your Type 1 Experts are so enjoyable to watch as they answer your emailed and live questions. So grab a glass of sweet tea and settle in for an hour of fun with Jaleah and Stephanie!

Here is just a sample of the questions they received:

  • My career involves helping people who are sick. It feels heavy and makes me anxious. Are some careers just not right for some Types?
  • I’m a Type 1/4 and get bored with things quickly. I’d like help being content with my current situation.
  • Is it possible for a Type 1 to not have a clear secondary?
  • When interacting with others, how do you know if you’re acting in your own energy or adapting to theirs?
  • I’m a very busy mom. How do you add fun to your life when you have no extra time to schedule activites?
  • How can I cope with all the negativity that we see on social media?
  • How do I remain light and playful when my secondary energy feels more like the adult?
  • How does a Type 1 handle expressing strong opinions?

You’ll be smiling right along with these two as they delve deeper into some of these questions and support you with different perspectives and personal stories.

Type 1’s who are still determining their secondary Energy Type will especially appreciate Jaleah and Stephanie’s tips about this topic.

What was your favorite part of this broadcast? Share it with us in a comment so that you can inspire the Type 1 women—or rather, the Type 1 friends that you’ll be meeting at the “I Love My Life” event! 😉

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