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How to Get Grounded Before You Bull-Doze! Q&A With the Experts

You’ve got that fire in your soul—but does your passion express itself in overbearing ways?

Or what about if you didn’t really behave like a Type 3 as a child? Were you always told to stop worrying, stop crying, or to hurry up?

Let’s talk about Type 3 energy and the many ways it shows up—or takes a backseat—in your life!

In this broadcast of Q&A With the Experts, Sarah and Anna K loved all the questions that poured in! Here are a few of the topics that were covered:

  • When you love Dressing Your Truth but cannot seem to get the makeup, sneakers, or athletic clothes to work in Type 3 colors!
  • How to tell if an item with black “heathering” is okay to wear.
  • What to do when you feel overwhelmed shopping in stores, even when you know what to look for!
  • How to handle being a musician who has to wear black when performing. Do you do it—or not?
  • Is it possible for a secondary Type 1 energy to look like a lower movement?
  • Want your hair to look exactly like Anna K’s awesome lion mane? Here’s what to tell your stylist—and what products to use!
  • Are you making life more challenging than it needs to be? (In other words, do you seem to need some sort of chaos or drama?)

The Experts close with some excellent communication advice about how to encourage someone to explain their actions, rather than just telling them they’re wrong! As a Type 3, doesn’t this sound incredible to know? You have to watch it!

Have you heard? Dressing Your Truth is now FREE! Start your Before & After today!

Type 3 resources mentioned in this broadcast:

Here are the outfits the Type 3 Experts wore today:

These items were in stock when this post went live. If they’re not available anymore, browse the rest of the Type 3 Store. You’re sure to find something else you love!

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