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My Top 10 Tips for Soft, Subtle Women to Reach Their Fitness Goals

How to get fit—without stressing the details or hurting your body

Does your fitness routine feel forced? Or is it a gentle experience?

You know that exercise is good for you. So what is your sticking point in following through?

Here’s an important reminder for you as a Type 2 soft, subtle woman: You need to make fitness a gentle experience. Otherwise, you will either resist it or have to stop because your body can’t physically sustain it.

Exercise can be so intense. So how do you make it gentle? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

First of all, let’s assess how you feel about fitness right now.

Finish these sentences. What’s the first thing that comes to mind for each blank?

  • I think working out is ___________
  • When (or if) I make fitness goals I usually find myself __________
  • When I choose to exercise I usually __________________

Would you like any of your answers to feel more comfortable? I can help.

My Top 10 gentle fitness tips for Type 2 Women

1. Take it slow and let go of “should.”

How often do you tell yourself: I should work out. I should exercise harder. Because it feels like something you have to do, you won’t want to do it. As a Type 2 woman, your nature is fluid and flowing—which is actually a great way to get fit! Choose activities that express those two words and you may find you actually look forward to them.

2. Have a plan.

You are so attentive to details that you can get overwhelmed without a plan. Select your fitness activity, date, and time beforehand. Don’t just write “exercise” on the calendar. What exactly do you plan to do? When making your plan, give yourself a “time cushion” for preparing, traveling, or unwinding before and after exercise during the day.

3. Go easy on yourself.

Sometimes, you will miss days or stray from your plan. Remember: you’re in charge of your plan—your plan is not in charge of you! Love yourself, no matter how often you work out.

4. Work on self-improvement.

Exercise does not always need to look like a group class or team sport. Individual sports can personal challenge can be fulfilling. How do you like to move your body when it’s just you?

5. Capitalize on quiet time.

With your softer, more introverted nature, you need quiet time to unwind during the day. Exercise can double as this quiet time with activities such as walking, stretching, or yoga.

6. Compete with yourself (not others).

When you’re too competitive with others (or just compare yourself to others) you may tend to shut down or become disappointed. That negatively affects your performance or success. Keep your focus more internal and on your specific goal. That will better position you to succeed and thrive.

7. Find balance.

Consider the plan for your entire day. You can work out hard when it feels correct for you. Just keep to keep in mind the other responsibilities you have for the day.

8. Mind your feelings.

Above all, you connect to the world emotionally. It’s easy to let your feelings take over. Don’t let how you feel be the only thing that determines if you will work out or not. You just need exercise to feel and function at your best, If you aren’t getting around to exercise because you “don’t feel like it,” set a time to do it and start moving regardless of how you feel. Once you’ve warmed up, odds are that you’ll feel better and it will be easier to do it the next time.

9. Give yourself the correct support.

You have a natural desire to understand the details and ask questions. But that means you can stuck in planning mode. Sometimes, you just need a little push! Consider the possibility that a coach or personal trainer may be correct for you. A trainer can give you a little push, while also providing details along the way!

10. Trust yourself!

Don’t let your tendency to over-plan your program keep you from seeing results. Your body can tell you the movement that it needs. Trust yourself and be consistent and you will succeed.

How will you make your fitness more gentle?

As you read each of these tips, a few of them probably stood out to you. What is your body trying to tell you?

To put it into words, finish this last sentence:

  • I’ll make my fitness experience more gentle by ___________

How do you finish that sentence? Please share in a comment. I’d love to hear your intention. And your fellow Type 2 friends will be blessed by seeing the details you recognized.

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