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What Type is the year 2022? Choose your Word & Color of the year.

It’s the start of a new year and the perfect time to think about approaching this change with a fresh start. Each year, we evaluate our perspective on the year and prepare our goals accordingly. I encourage you to choose a word for the year and then approach it in a way that accommodates the energy type of that year.

One thing I see carrying over from last year is a continued feeling of newness and openness!

But this year requires a more fluid and loving approach.

Keep reading to see how you should approach 2022 to create a reality right for you!

Vibrations or Meaning of 2022

This is the year where we are “coming home.” This isn’t necessarily literal since home is wherever you spend your time. Rather, this year is going to be about where you choose to spend your time and your energies.

You have an opportunity to create a space that is highly nurturing to you. As you will see below, the numerology and Energy profile of 2022 tells us this year will be about introspective growth and trying new things. 

With all the noise and contrasting opinions, we have the opportunity to bring our bubble close and create a gentle, calm and supportive reality. It is a difficult world out there! We can create a warm and cozy space that gives us energy and draws in others. People are going to find your energy attractive and inspiring if you are in line with the vibrations of 2022.

What is the Numerology of 2022?

When we look at the numerology of 2022, we see two very clear numbers; there are a lot of twos, and there is a total sum of six (2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6). In numerology, the number two signifies emotion, sensitivity, care, guidance and love. The number six is about coming home, creativity, empathy and destiny.

This year, your journey will include:

  • Coming home to yourself
  • Being true to yourself
  • Making your home nurturing, comfortable and safe
  • Trying new things in line with your goals

Yet, I still feel the energy of the number one carrying over into this year. I would describe 2022 as a two energy with an aspect of newness. We are learning so many new things about ourselves and our place in this world. You can benefit from this self-exploration!

You will run into struggles against the universe if you don’t approach your year with a sense of gentleness and empathy. If you try to stay stuck in a rut and won’t try anything new, you squander the creativity simmering in the energy. If you allow the noise and clutter to invade your space, you won’t be able to focus on being true to yourself.

To get the most out of 2022, you need to focus on your bubble. The personal bubble certainly doesn’t mean you can’t support others or do good in the world. This is not a selfish bubble, but a bubble that keeps out mindless noise of opinions and the constant state of busy that has become so glorified in our world. Be very intentional with what you let in your bubble.

Type 2 Energy Profiling

Remember, two holds very significant meaning for the Energy Types. A Type 2 Energy is fluid and aligns with the element of water. This year is going to require a lot of flow and inward flowing energy.

The Type 2 person is going to push forward steadily. They aren’t going to be as persistent as the 4 or as aggressive as the 3, but they have more focus than the Type 1 and enough passion to get the job done. They are highly empathetic and feel strongly about many things.

This is going to be a year for Type 2s if they are willing to step up.

For those of us who aren’t Type 2, it’s important to think about how the Type 2s approach the world. Rather than simply go with our natural instinct, we can think about how to approach the year with empathy, emotion and flowing energy.

Choosing Your Focus for 2022

Use your Creation Journal to plan your course of action for 2022. In this journal, you will write your:

  • Word of the Year
  • Color of the Year

I want you to dig deep to choose the color and word that really stand out to you. I think if you listen, you will know the right choice. The word of the year might be something personal, or it may be more general. The color is going to connect in a meaningful way.

If you aren’t sure, you can look over the chart of colors that comes with your Energy Type Style Kit.

For me, the word I chose was “NEW,” and the color was blue. Blue is a consistent, reliable and strong color. As a Type 3, certain shades of blue and green represent my vibrations on an elemental level. Denim and dark teals are the perfect pairings to my fiery personality.

The Meaning of Color

Color holds meaning on a subliminal level. Most of us see the color blue as comforting, soothing, calming and stable. The color hot pink is highly energetic and has a wild edge. Oranges and purples are considered colors that represent creativity and uniqueness—so they could also be good choices for 2022! Red typically shows passion and action. Black is powerful, mysterious and sometimes has a dangerous edge. White is powerful, innocent and pure. Yellow is usually happy and may represent wealth.

You will notice each color’s meaning shifts a bit when you change from a bright or bold hue to a more muddied version. A subdued army or avocado green might represent nature, while a neon green could represent high energy and a bright green represents growth.

Use your color card to see what strikes you as the right color for this year. Think about what that color means and how it relates to your word of the year. Join me and tag #thenewchallenge in your own image so I can see what you are up to!

Applying the Type 2 Energy

You may feel up about the new direction for this year, but here is the catch: you need to apply that Type 2 outlook, or you won’t get far. Pursue your Word of the Year with a sense of flow. Be flexible. Love everyone around you (as well as yourself).

This color blue helps me remember to approach my NEW challenges with calmness, gentleness and stability this year. For example, I plan to start mountain bike racing. What a Type 3 thing to do, right? But I’m going to do this with a gentle approach, starting slow and building my confidence to fit the natural vibrations of this year!

This year is so strongly tied to Type 2s that you need to adopt the mentality in some ways. Look to the Type 2s in your life to see what they are doing for the year.

Warnings for 2022

Stuff and clutter will get in your way. Look out for materialistic pollution, noise and busyness. If you are cram-packing your schedule, you are bound to get burnt out and struggle with poor efficiency.

This unwanted clutter includes your social media usage. It even includes your overly full closet and your unorganized device with a haphazard 50 apps. 

  • Cut back on your mindless scrolling. 
  • Eliminate unused apps and phone storage.
  • Physically remove the clutter from your life.

Do whatever it takes to clear your mental space and make room for the NEW.

Let’s make the most out of healing in 2022 and move forward with purpose! I invite you to join my Healing Center to learn more about yourself and your natural inclinations in 2022.

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