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4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

A common mistake each Type makes

What if you’re aging yourself by following common trends you see other women doing?

You might be listening to popular fashion advice based on your age, but these suggestions could be having the opposite effect and actually aging you! Instead of just being fun fashion tips, they turn into mistakes that add years to your appearance.

It’s okay that you’re getting older—we all are, every day! We just don’t want to prematurely age.

But when we don’t know about this information, we do so unknowingly. For example, you may not even realize that wearing the incorrect colors, fabrications, and styles age you—but they do! Let’s talk about what I mean…

4 Top Fashion Mistakes That Age You

(0:55) – 1. Wearing Black Clothes. This is typical for Type 1 women because they want to be taken more seriously, but there’s only one Type of woman that looks stunning in black clothes. Otherwise, you’re aging yourself and adding years to your appearance by wearing this “neutral” color!

(2:02) – 2. Falling Prey to Trends. This is typical for Type 2 women because they feel like their natural energy is dull. They want to appear “brighter” and be noticed, instead of accepting their soft, elegant nature.

(3:23) – 3. No Real Hairstyle. This is typical for Type 3 women because they need a hairstyle that’s quick and easy—but they don’t know what to do! Type 3 women who don’t add that dynamic edge and substance to their hair will look older with a plain hairstyle.

(4:55) – 4. Wearing Soft, Flowy Clothes. This is typical for Type 4 women because they want to soften themselves instead of standing in their bold, striking energy. Type 4 women tend to lose themselves in soft, flowy clothes.

How to easily not make these fashion mistakes anymore

In the world of Dressing Your Truth, I teach that there are 4 Energy Types, and which one you are determines what style choices will look best on you.

But it’s not just about how to put your best style together, it’s also about understanding your best self, your natural gifts and tendencies, and who you are as a woman.

Let me guide you through a free course to get you started!

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