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4 Types of Skin: Which One Describes You?

Your skin is unique and reflects your true nature—just like everything else about you!

Picture yourself in front of the mirror.

You lean in close, and you look at it again: a flaw in your skin that you just don’t love. Maybe you zero in on those lines by your eyes. Or blotchy cheeks. Or a pesky blemish. There are lots of reasons you judge your skin too harshly, but here’s the big one…

The beauty industry shows only one kind of skin as the standard of beauty for everyone. Tiny pores. Even skin tone. Porcelain features. Those qualities are just not reality for most women. And when we don’t measure up, we tend to blame ourselves.

But wait—your skin is more beautiful than you give it credit for!

The truth is, there are 4 Types of beauty—and 4 Types of skin.

Just like your natural movement expresses itself in many ways according to your Energy Type, your Type of skin has unique qualities and tendencies as well.

Many skin care products try to eliminate those tendencies. But when you work with your Type of skin, rather than against it, you have healthier, happier skin.

Here are a few quick tips for each Type of beauty:

Type 1: Clear, Youthful Skin

Type 1 skin has a random, animated quality to it. That means things are moving! This Type of skin tends to have a combination of oily and dry spots that don’t always stay in the same place. Pores are medium to large in size.

  • Tendencies to manage: red, blotchy skin tone and persistent, light blemishes.
  • Tendencies to embrace: your skin has a brightness and a freshness about it. You’ll always tend to look youthful, no matter how old you get!
Type 1 Jaleah
Type 1 Amy

Type 2: Soft, Relaxed Skin

Type 2 skin has a softened quality of complexion. Your features naturally move downward, so you may notice more hooded eyelids and skin that seems to drape over the bone. Pores are medium to medium-small in size.

  • Tendencies to manage: sensitive skin and under-eye darkness or puffiness.
  • Tendencies to embrace: everything is softened, even your fine lines. As long as you care for its sensitivities, Type 2 skin will tend to age with a natural elegance.
Type 2 Anne
Type 2 Barby

Type 3: Active, Textured Skin

Type 3 skin has more texture. You’ll notice more deeper facial lines and creases in this skin, no matter your age. Your skin expresses more movement. Pores are medium to medium-large.

  • Tendencies to manage: hyper-pigmentation, cystic acne, deeper lines that can become exaggerated.
  • Tendencies to embrace: your facial lines! They’re not wrinkles. Type 3 women of all ages tend to have deeper and even multiple smile lines that give them a dynamic look. I have Type 3 skin, and I love it is an expression of the woman I am.
Carol showing her Type 3 skin
Type 3 Carol
Anna K showing her Type 3 skin
Type 3 Anna K

Type 4: Porcelain, Still Skin

Type 4 skin tone tends to be even in its coloring and complexion. Pores are small, barely visible. (When looking at arms’ length. Don’t be deceived by Photoshopped images that show non-existent pores. Every person’s skin has pores if you zoom in close.)

  • Tendencies to manage: dry skin. Any imbalance tends to show up in all-or-nothing extremes.
  • Tendencies to embrace: the even, porcelain quality of your skin. Without fail, the women who appear in skin care advertising have balanced Type 4 skin.
Kalista showing her Type 4 skin
Type 4 Kalista
Deborah showing her Type 4 skin
Type 4 Deborah

Your Type of Beauty is More Than Skin-Deep

Your skin is just one part of your true beauty.

The same qualities that show up in your skin also show up in your other features and tendencies—both inside and out.

I want to help you understand yourself and feel confident about how you look. I want to help you bring out your unique beauty and look better than you ever have. I’m excited to show you how.

Want amazing skincare that was designed for all 4 Types of skin?

I spent 10 years researching and learning how to restore my skin’s health. During those years, I personally used dozens of different products and spent thousands of dollars to find what works. (And what really doesn’t!)

It’s been worth all the time and money because now—at age 63—I have remarkably healthy skin.

And the best outcome of all my research is that now I can help YOU.

I’m thrilled to share with you my anti-aging product line.

These products are essential in my personal skin-health regimen and I use them every day. I am so excited to help you simplify your skincare routine and get powerful results from the most essential ingredients your skin needs.

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