A 6 Step Visualization to Clear “I Don’t Like My Type”

What to do when you feel shame and dislike for your Type

Learn this simple 6 step process to clear shame and judgment so that you can live in the truth of who you are and bless the world with your gifts. 

Have you ever been told that you are “too silly” (Type 1), “too sensitive” (Type 2), “too pushy” (Type 3), or “too quiet” (Type 4)? Do you worry about how others see you or feel about you? This burden can feel overwhelming and exhausting and make you feel like you don’t like yourself.

In my system of Energy Profiling, I teach that each person has a quality of movement that is unique to them and their Type. When you honor and live true to your natural movement you will feel happier, peaceful, grounded, and balanced.

Watch the video for your Energy Type as I take you through a powerful visualization to clear the old patterns of shame and judgment so that you can go from “I don’t like my Type” to “I love my Type!”

6 Step Healing Session:

  1. How to identify your shame-based beliefs. 
  2. Free your 5-8 yr old self.
  3. Imagine giving your child-self these gifts.
  4. This is how to bring those gifts to your adult-self.
  5. Declare your positive statement in a comment below.
  6. Do this to own the healing for yourself. (I give some ideas for Type affirmations in each video)

Share this post with another person who is still living in shame, to bless them with the gift of remembering their truth. 

Honor and love your true nature with Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth.

A beautiful life of love and confidence is waiting for you!

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