Carol’s Stunning Type 4 Makeover

Part 1: The DYT Team and I choose a participant
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Carol stood out to us immediately.

She was stumped about whether she’s a Type 1/4 or a Type 4/1 and today my team and I intend to support her in seeing her true nature.

And we want to help you see the difference between the Type 1/4 and Type 4/1 combination.

They’re opposite energies, but women with this combination often struggle to see which they lead with. I will explain why!

What Type do you think Carol is? See if you can guess it before I reveal it.


Part 2: You’ve Known Your Energy Type All Along!
Jump in with me for this live Energy Profiling Q&A.

I’ll discuss more about the differences between a Type 1/4 and a Type 4/1. Jaleah pops in to share a bit of her personal experience as a Type 1/4 too.

Be sure to catch when I explain to one woman that the cause of her sickness is most likely that she’s profiled herself incorrectly.

This is a common experience for this particular Type of woman!

Remember that you’re most likely already seeing signs of your Energy Type. Trust your intuition and embrace your true nature!

New to Energy Profiling? Find out your Energy Type for free.


Part 3: Carol Comes Home to Herself
It’s time for Carol’s big reveal!

Listen as she talks about how much more clarity she has about herself now and the role my new (and free!) Energy Profiling course played in her journey.

Also, get the support you need to find your perfect, true-to-Type hairstyle.

No matter where you are at in your journey toward living more authentically as yourself, I’ve got you covered.

Once you know your Energy Type, get my Dressing Your Truth course where I will support you every step of the way in living your truth.

Already have the course? I’d like to invite you to join Lifestyle where you’ll become an absolute expert at your unique style.

You’re there for everyone else in your life. Isn’t it time you show up for yourself?


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