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3 of Our Next Best #LiveMakeovers (Can You Guess Their Energy Types?)

Three generations of women from one family!

Part 1: The DYT Team and I Choose the Makeover Candidate
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My team and I revealed a big surprise right at the start!

We chose three generations of women from one family to get a #LiveMakeover. Meet Carrie, Theresa and Taylor.

Can you guess their Energy Types? You’ll find out if you’re right after watching the third video.

Are you new to Dressing Your Truth and still trying to figure out your Energy Type? Take my free Energy Profiling course to support you in determining your Type.


Part 2: Live Q & A With Carol
Why do you think you need me to confirm your Energy Type? (Believe me, you don’t)!

I ask this question because I want to get you thinking about why you assume you’re wrong in your assessment of yourself – when most likely you are right!

Get a lot of tips for assessing yourself correctly (including one that involves a video camera!) and watch me support 5 women in living their truth more fully.

Want to learn more about incorporating your secondary Energy Type into your style? Join Lifestyle! There’s a lot of content on the topic of secondaries.


Part 3: The Big Reveal
It’s time!

Find out if you were correct in your assessment of Carrie, Theresa and Taylor. One thing’s for sure: these three look like three sisters instead of three generations now.

Remember, you don’t need me in person with you in order to get a makeover as amazing as these. I’m waiting to support you when you dive into the Dressing Your Truth course. Give yourself a makeover and start living your truth!


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