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Shelli’s Amazing and Life-Changing #LiveMakeover

Watch and see which big misprofiling pitfall Shelli fell into.

Part 1: The DYT Team and I choose a participant
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The first step in Dressing Your Truth is realizing: “I have a right to be me!”

And in this #LiveMakeovers edition of #CarolTuttleTV, you’re going to find out what gets in the way of you seeing your true self.

My team of DYT Experts and I chose Shelli to go through our first-ever live makeover.

Shelli misprofiled herself and as a result couldn’t get physically well, no matter how many treatments she tried.

Watch and see which big misprofiling pitfall Shelli fell into.


Part 2: Watch Me Support 4 Women in Seeing Who They Are
Join me as I do a live Energy Profiling Q&A.

See how I zero in on these 4 women’s Energy Types–some had profiled themselves correctly and some hadn’t.

I point out ways their Energy is expressing whether they realize it or not.

Learn to see the patterns in each Energy Type so you can hit the nail on the head too. Don’t know your Energy Type yet? Find out right now for free.


Part 3: Shelli’s Big Reveal
It’s the moment of Shelli’s truth!

Are you ready to see how phenomenal she looks? (Be sure to also catch how phenomenal she says she feels.)

Reverse your age by 10 years by going through the Dressing Your Truth course.

Already have the course? I’d like to invite you to join Lifestyle where you’ll not only get a color education but you’ll become an absolute expert at your unique style.

Remember: ultimately it’s not about the makeup or the clothes, it’s about you showing up to express who you truly are through what you put on your body.


Start you Free Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide!


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