Surprise! A 40th Birthday #LiveMakeover!

Mom of three. Foster parent. About to hit a milestone in her life...

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Andrea came to our #LiveMakeover event, ready for a look that was easy to maintain but still said loud and clear, “I am beautiful.”

Watch Part 1 of her live makeover. Can you determine Andrea’s Energy Type before her transformation gets started?


Unfortunately, the recording of Part 2 (our live Q&A) was lost on Facebook, due to some technical issues.

So we’ll jump right to the big reveal!

When you see Andrea join us on camera, listen to the audience to hear gasps and an, “Oh my gosh!”


I continue to delight in seeing a woman come to life in who she truly is.

Give Andrea a cheer in a comment below. I know I can trust you to keep your comment positive and supportive!

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