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A Before & After That Will Make You Cry. Shandra’s #LiveMakeover

Part 1: Choosing the Makeover Candidate
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My Dressing Your Truth team and I chose one women for our #LiveMakeover to undergo a profound transformation!

Shandra came to us at an emotional time in her life, ready for a change. What an incredible difference we saw in her at the end. Watch all three videos to relive the day at our Dressing Your Truth event space!

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Part 2: Live Q & A With Carol
Can you relate to confusion and uncertainty when trying to determine your Type? The lack of clarity comes from many years of being told that our true natures—who we were and what we did—were not okay.

I want to support you as you discover your true nature.

Here’s an opportunity to heal and be able to accept yourself effortlessly. A Powerful Exercise to Help You Determine Your Type.


Part 3: The Big Reveal
You’ve seen the “Before.” Get ready for an “After” that will make your jaw drop!

Shandra went from a simple, casual look to an exquisite, breathtaking expression of her true Type 2 beauty. She relaxed right into her new look with such grace—as well as plenty of joy, which shone in her lovely smile!

I woke up that morning, excited to know that I would help change a life through this experience. And even though I’ve been doing these makeovers for years, they never get old.

Shandra, we were thrilled to have you at our #LiveMakeover. Thank you for letting us pamper you!


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