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How Well Do You Know These 9 Celebrities & 4 Former Presidents?

We're profiling these celebrities by your request!

Celebrity Profiling! You asked to learn a bit more about these public figures, so now you get to Type them with me!

This episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol is a fast-paced, interactive show as I walk you through the process of discovering someone’s Energy Type. What do you look for? Do you trust your first instinct?

I encourage you to watch and guess each person’s Energy Type on your own first! (The answers are included further down this page.)

As you go along, notice if you’re trusting your own guidance system. What’s making you doubt yourself and your knowledge of face profiling?

What “aha” did you have watching today? Did this deepen your understanding of Dressing Your Truth? Leave a comment below and share your takeaway from this show!

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Enjoy the resources mentioned on today’s show:

Tea Leoni – Type 4
Gabriel Macht – Type 1
Mindy Kaling – Type 3
Rowan Atkinson – Type 4
Lauren Graham – Type 3
Amber Marshall – Type 2
Graham Wardle – Type 3
Erin Krakow – Type 1
Daniel Lissing – Type 3

Former Presidents:
George Washington – Type 4
Thomas Jefferson – Type 4
Theodore Roosevelt – Type 3
Abraham Lincoln – Type 4
(I also mention that Bill Clinton is a Type 1, and his wife Hillary Clinton is a Type 4).

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