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How One Woman Went from “I Have No Style” to “I’m Hot!”

This makeover is jaw-dropping.

Cynra is an awesome Type 3 woman who has always viewed herself as a “No frills, jeans and T-shirts” sort of woman.

In fact, she came to where she had accepted the belief that she’s “just not stylish.”

But Dressing Your Truth isn’t about being fashionable, it’s about bringing out your true beauty.

I give Cynra an affirmation to use in order to let go of this belief. I believe it will be helpful for you too!

Now, grab a pen and paper so you can write down the affirmation I share with Cynra and get ready to be blown away!

Rediscover the real you today! I’m here to support you.

“I’m a rock star!” —Cynra, Type 3 woman


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