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Dating Tips: How to Use Energy Profiling to Find Yourself a Great Match

What Type are they? How knowing it can help you create true connection

You want to have a positive dating experience and find a great partner, but sometimes dating feels so complicated, doesn’t it?

It’s so different from what it used to be! Long gone are the days with a simple “dinner and a movie” date. In fact, it’s rare these days to even be set up with someone through a mutual friend! Now we’ve got dating apps, ambiguous intentions, and (dun, dun, dun) ghosting.

Dating is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. But a few unpleasant dates can leave you feeling jaded, questioning whether or not this will work out.

Maybe you’re knee-deep in the dating world, not quite ready to give up. Maybe you’re taking a break. 

But wait—before you download that dating app again, let’s talk about how you can use Energy Profiling to help you press the reset button! 

I recently interviewed one of my friends who’s a young woman in the dating experience and asked her a few questions. She came up with 5 ways you can have a more positive, successful dating experience!

Tips for Dating Based on Energy Types

1. Successful dating starts with you.

This is such a simple place to start, but it’s the most important. She shares:

“When I first began dating, I was a recovering people pleaser. It took a few months of first dates to find out what worked for me, not just for them!

Really knowing yourself is the #1 way to find someone who’s a great match for you. You want to get very clear on your values, your intentions, what you’re looking for, and who you are as an individual.

That’s why knowing your Type is so crucial to the dating process. Knowing what makes you tick and how you process the world not only creates more alignment with your current energy, but it sends a clear message out to the world (and your dates!) that says, ‘This is who I am.’

Dating App Tip: When creating your dating profile, be 100% authentic. Select photos that depict your lifestyle and your natural personality. Don’t try to make yourself “more” of anything—just be you! The best thing about showing up to a first date is when the person says, “You look exactly like you do in your pictures!” You’re proud to be you, so show it to the world!

In-person dating tip: Choose an outfit you feel confident and comfortable in. No need to go out and buy new things for a first date! You’ll be a mix of nervous and excited, but remember it’s not about impressing them. It’s about seeing if you have a vibe! So shift the focus from “Do they like me?” to “Do I like them?”

If you’re feeling like you need a boost of self-confidence, I highly recommend joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center and going through my Healing Plan for Self-Confidence. I thought this plan was especially helpful right after ending a relationship, or right before dating again. It’s a powerful place to start your healing and get in touch with your truest self again.

Above all, the relationship you have with yourself will always be reflected in the relationships you have with others. Being more comfortable with yourself is what will help you attract a harmonious relationship with a partner.”

2. Use Facial Profiling even before you meet someone.

Here at DYT, we know how helpful Facial Profiling is in every walk of life. But my friend shared how it’s invaluable when dating:

She says, “When it comes to dating apps, you can easily determine which Type someone is before meeting them in person!

As you get really versed in Facial Profiling, you’ll be able to tell just from their pictures what Type they are. When looking at their face, ask yourself, does it have a…

Type 1: A bright, animated, and uplifting quality?
Type 2: A soft, relaxed, and gentle quality?
Type 3: An intense, dynamic, and textured quality?
Type 4: A bold, striking, and still quality?

I love being able to Type someone before that first date. Then I meet them in person, watch their body movement, and smile. ‘Yep. They’re so Type 1,’ I’d think to myself. It makes dating really enjoyable!”

Face Profiling Series for Men

Face Profiling Series for Women

3. How they text tells you a lot.

We know communication styles vary among Types. My friend shared it’s true in the dating world too:

“I was always impressed when a man’s natural communication style lined up perfectly with his Type. I especially liked to pay attention to this during those initial conversations.

You’ll notice…

Type 1: Extra use of emojis, especially lighthearted ones, and an upbeat energy to their cadence.
Type 2: Thoughtful replies, a focus on details and questions, as well as a slower response time.
Type 3: You’ll be able to feel the “push” and “direct” energy behind their texts, with an eagerness to get things moving.
Type 4: Clear, succinct messages, usually with correct punctuation. They say it like it is.

There were also challenges with each Type’s communication style:

Type 1: A connect/disconnect pattern where they may drop the ball, even though they just got excited about all the possibilities.
Type 2: A hesitancy to move forward, as well as taking a longer time to plan or make decisions, even if it’s just them being careful.
Type 3: An intensity that may feel punchy or “too much,” even if it’s just their passion and determination.
Type 4: A boldness in their natural authority that could come off as rude in written form, even if they’re polite as could be.

Knowing someone’s Type upfront really helped me remove judgment and have an immediate understanding of their true natures. This didn’t mean I accepted things I didn’t like—quite the opposite. It helped me accept them for who they were while also knowing it wouldn’t work for me long term. I was able to say goodbye and move on with grace, without trying to change or blame them.”

Don’t forget about the Rewarding Communications Course (which is FREE for Lifestyle members!)

4. Consider your ex when dating.

Gasp, what? This surprised us at first too!

But she says, “Wait…hear me out!

What Type was your ex, or exes? Do you think it played a role in why the relationship didn’t work out? What did or didn’t you like about dating someone of that Energy Type?

Look at your history through an eye of reflection. Maybe you didn’t vibe well with a certain Type! Or maybe you’re always drawn to one.

If you continue to have negative experiences, look closely and consider the possibility that you’re repeating a story. If this is the case, it’s possible you need to clear some energy patterns and limiting beliefs. (Check out Carol’s Healing Center for that!)

I had a belief at the start of dating that “Men aren’t there for me.” It was simple to clear that, and once I did, I stopped having experiences where men didn’t show up for me. I started to have beautiful experiences where they did! Energy healing is powerful, and I encourage you to use it.

DYT also has a whole Lifestyle Relationship Series where you can learn bout the strengths and challenges of being in a relationship with each Type. Take some time to watch them and then reflect on what worked for you, what you’re looking for, and what your priorities are.

5. Know what you want. (Or be curious until you do.)

In the end, you want to find a partner, and you will. But could it really be that easy?

She says, “Yes. Absolutely. It’s about knowing what you want—but it could be a process to get there!

For some of you, maybe you’re drawn to a certain Type and you know the lifestyle and future you want to experience. You know what you’re looking for and are set out to find it. If that’s you, I recommend sticking to your truth and not settling, no matter how many sparkly objects come into your path.

For others, you aren’t quite sure what you want yet!

In this case, great—get curious! This is part of your life path. Enjoy the process of dating all Types, as it will open your eyes to a lot of opportunities and help you find what you don’t want, which will lead you to finding what you do. You may surprise yourself and find you enjoy the qualities of a Type you weren’t expecting.

My last tip for you: Be open and direct with people. Kindly tell them when this isn’t working out for you anymore, and then be sure to find a meaningful takeaway from your experience with them. What did you like about them or what happened? What you didn’t is also just as helpful and important!”

What tips do you have for someone in the dating world?

In a comment below, share what you have found to be the most helpful in healing your relationship with yourself. What dating tips can you offer to our community? How did knowing your date’s Type (or yours) help you find a great match?

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