How to Facial Profile Type 2 Men

Accurately profile Type 2 men with this helpful tool!

How can you be sure the man in your life is a Type 2?

I get asked all the time, “How do you profile guys?”

Women always want to profile their husbands, fathers, brothers—because it’s so enjoyable!

As the creator of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth, I tell people time and time again that the #1 most accurate assessment tool to determine someone’s Type is Facial Profiling. Go watch all 4 videos for each Type! Even though they show women’s faces, they will help you understand the mechanics of Facial Profiling much better.

Let’s go over what I look for when I profile Type 2 men:

(1:38) – A Type 2 man will be detailed and easy-going in his overall general nature. But if you give him a reason to retreat and go within, he will! Think of a turtle! When it feels threatened, it retreats.

(2:00) – Type 2 men will have a relaxed, fluid, inviting quality to their faces. They will look softened and blended in their facial features.

(3:03) – What’s the phenomenon that probably 80% of Type 2 men have in common? It’s the “just in case” characteristic that I share here.

(4:00) – I bring pictures of different Type 2 men on the screen and point out the shapes and movement of Type 2 energy. For more photos, check out the Celebrity Galleries of each Type here!

(7:55) – It’s important for a Type 2 man to be honored for his true nature, instead of being shamed for it or being made to feel as though he isn’t “man” enough.

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Do you have any Type 2 men in your life? Share what you admire about them in a comment below!

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