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How Do I Figure Out My Type?

You may be judging your greatest gifts as your greatest flaws.

What do you do if you get stuck, and ask yourself, “How do I determine my Type!?”

You may be judging your greatest gifts as your greatest flaws. Stop wasting your time in self-doubt. Learn Energy Profiling so that you can have an effortless expression of your greatest gifts. In this video, I give you the steps you need to help you determine your Energy Type.

AND…when you know and understand yourself better you can better understand your children. Raise them true to their nature, instead of shutting them down like you may have been.

(2:14) 5 Steps to Learning Your Energy Type:

1. (3:48) Learn Face Profiling:

2. (5:03) Assess your body language. (Learn about body language in my book, It’s Just My Nature and in my Free Beginner’s Guide)

3. Complete my Free Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide Course

4. Read my book, It’s Just My Nature

5. Consider the compliments (or shaming comments) that people have given you. What useful feedback can you take from it? (Refer to the word lists in my book, It’s Just My Nature for more insight)

(8:48) PLUS: Why we self-criticize and how to stop it.

Learning your Energy Type is the fastest system for showing up in life in a positive way.

Learn more about yourself and your gifts.

Start Your Free Beginner’s Guide Today!

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Video Transcript:

You may be thinking that your greatest gifts are actually your biggest flaws that you have to crack, and that would be a big waste of your time and a really poor use of your energy. I wanna help you straighten that out today by understanding your true nature because embedded in your true nature, or what I call your energy type, is the effortless expression of your greatest gifts, things that you do, effortlessly. People will say to you, “You’re a natural at that.” Those are the qualities of yourself, your character traits, your abilities, your talents that you wanna tap into so you can be a beneficiary of them yourself to create success in your life and share them with the world.

I’m Carol Tuttle. I’m the creator of energy profiling and Dressing Your Truth. My system has helped over 700,000 people worldwide to date, all over the world. I’ve had the opportunity to help hundreds of thousands of people see themselves more clearly. And one of the greatest opportunities I found is when you understand yourself better, you understand your children better. And you can raise them true to their nature and not shut them down like you may have been shut down, because that’s what happens. Our parents will not understand us and we get a lot of correction, and feedback, and actual disciplining that’s shaming to us. That will send a message that says, “Don’t be your true self, you need to change that.” And you want to now open yourself up to tap into who you are. Thanks for subscribing to my channel and being here today. I have the best personal development resources here online. I feel they are the best because they shorten the course and the effort. Learning your energy type will turn your life around so fast that you’ll be marveling at the changes you’re seeing very, very quickly in yourself, in your relationships, in your success rate. It really is the fast course to showing up in life, just learning your energy type.

So how do you figure out your energy type? Well, I’m gonna give you five steps to do that, that I recommend you follow in learning your energy type. The first step and I’ve mentioned this, this is the bonus, this is step zero. So there’s really six because I’m just throwing this one in. This is what I have to recommend to people in this process of learning their type, always, it’s a huge reminder, do not assess your personality. This is a very different system than personality profiling systems. You’re born with your nature intact. You’re born with a quality of movement, and the natural expression that’s coming through you from the very origin of your life. You’ll even find here on YouTube videos that how do you profile your baby? How do you profile your baby? How do you know your baby’s type? I have a lot of information on that. How do you profile your baby in utero? You can actually do that because your nature is innate, it’s quality of who you are. We are a subset of the nature kingdom. The four types express effortlessly in full harmony in the world of nature. I teach you about that expression in “It’s Just My Nature.” We’re looking at our human nature, the quality we’re born with of our natural expressions. So personality is something your nature will express through, but too often you’re trying to alter that based on that early feedback I just mentioned. So put aside personality, step zero.

Okay, step one, learn my face profiling strategies. I have four phenomenal videos right here on YouTube for each of the four types. We look at the face and the quality of movement, shapes, lines, movement of your physical features. Yes, your natural expression comes forward through your features. Makes sense to me. Why wouldn’t they? Who we are is expressing through all qualities of us. We’re holistic beings. Our deepest nature’s coming through our faces. I’m a type 3, and so you’re going to see that in my face, I have more smile lines, more texture, kind of an outdoorsy look to my face, sort of a little more rugged. And I have type 3 hands. Very angular, textured, but learning how to face profile is your number one assessment tool. It’s the most telling of who you are. So go watch the four face profiling videos. That’s step one. That’s what you’re gonna want to lead with and you’re gonna see it in your face. We’ll teach you what to look for.

Step two, assess your body language. And that’s where I teach you about body language in my book, “It’s Just My Nature.” I also teach about it in the free course that you’re gonna go take. You wanna look at your quality of movement. Are you more of a light, airy type 1 movement, kind of a skip in your step? A little more random in your body language? You talk more with your hands, there’s more animation in your body language, or a type 2 where you’re more composed, and you’re subtler in your voice. You have more S curves when you sit. Type 3, do you have that volume and that sort of boombox effect to your voice? You have a heavy foot plant. Type 4, do you have a lot of precision in your movement and have very erect posture and are very articulate with your word pronunciation? These are all body language qualities that you’re gonna pay attention to. Because again, these are more honest than personality. What are you noticing so far? What have you done so far in your journey of understanding your type and discovering your type? Share in the comment your process, and if you know your type, what helped you see it? Let’s help more people here make that assessment correctly. What was the one thing you did that you went, “There it is, I really see this now.” Share in the comment.

Step number three, take my free course at and then read the book. You need more information. You wanna make sure you understand the four types and you’re not just going by what other people have told you. I’m gonna throw in here as a bonus tip. I have a Facebook community, they’re wonderful, supportive communities with tens of thousands of women in them. I’d recommend you stay away from the offshoot communities that are not sponsored or hosted by me because you’re gonna get a lot of bad information and people that have not truly studied this system. Just stay away from them, don’t ask other people your type, especially online, because what? They’re looking at a photo of you. I’m very skilled at that, I can look at your photo, but I don’t offer that as a service. I can do that, but I wanna teach you. My goal here, I want you to be able to look at you and be able to assess yourself as successfully as if I were doing it.

I’m a teacher, and I wanna educate people with what I know so you have the same skills as I do. That’s why I teach you this information so you’re able to see yourself clearly. Also in the book, you might be interested, this can be helpful, some people have found this. Each type has a word…they have wordless here. You can see we’ve put words together that are very typically associated with that type’s movement. I’ve heard many people say that that was very telling for them because they’ve heard those words. Which leads me to the last step. What have people said about you? What kind of compliments do you hear or negatives? Unfortunately, it’s the negative stuff too that can tell us who we are because people don’t have this information and they judge that to be a weakness. What’s been the feedback to you? And you can read more about that in my book and get that info in the free course because there’s some very obvious things that you’ve been told that people either compliment or unfortunately shame you for, that you can really gain a lot of insight from.

Now, we wanna stop the shaming, but that starts with you. Others will not put you down until you stop putting yourself down. Because the origin of what we experience out here in the physical world begins in our internal world. So if nothing else, well, there’s a lot else, but I wanna invite you today to stop putting yourself down. Stop self-criticism, stop the negative inner talk. It’s not serving you, it beats you up, it sucks your energy. I’ve successfully changed my inner voice. I no longer, and I mean this with full honesty, I never put myself down in my inner thoughts, never. I’ve stopped it, I’ve silenced it, and I’m kind to myself. And kindness starts with being kind to yourself because you’re a different person, and you hold yourself differently, and you have a sense of self-confidence when you really shifted that internally.

So discover your type. Make that so enlightening. It’ll be so, like, incredibly enlightening to you. The rewards you reap, the benefits you receive are actually a little bit unimaginable at this point because so much drops away when you have this self-awareness and I want that for you. Thanks for subscribing, go take the free course,, get the book, “It’s Just My Nature” and get ready to have your life changed. Thanks for sharing this with someone that’s ready for a life change and for liking the video.

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