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Can I be two Types?

3 keys that answer this question

I often get the question, “Carol, can I be two Types?” There are three keys that answer this question.

  1. (1:00) You are born with your Energy Type. How your parents honored or dishonored that can affect you.
  2. (3:24) What happens when you aren’t supported in living true to your energy Type, and how this can confuse your dominant Type’s expression.
  3. (6:38) Why you are meant to live and express yourself through one dominant Type and how your natural gifts are there to assist you in living a successful life.

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Video Transcript:

Are you a student of my four types energy profiling system? If not yet, thanks for showing up because I help you understand your true nature in the fastest, most graceful way possible, which will help you heal your life and show up to be your true self. I’m Carol Tuttle, the creator of energy profiling and Dressing Your Truth. And I have one of the most relevant and I think exciting personal development channels here on YouTube. So thanks for watching my videos, thanks for subscribing, and clicking the bell, so you’ll get notified when I have a new content piece up because I am fully 100% committed to helping you get to the place that I am now in life. And that is truly understanding myself. No apologies, really embracing my true nature, being able to stay in great health, great self confidence, being able to make a difference in the world, and without any question of who I am anymore.

So if you’re learning about the four energy types, you may have asked yourself the question, and I get this question often. And that is, Carol, can you be two types? Can you be two of the four? Well, the straight out answer to that is no. And let me tell you why, I’m gonna give you three reasons why you cannot be two types. You do have all four types expressing in you, all four qualities of movement. That’s the holistic nature of who we are as humans. Nature, the world of nature has all four types expressing as a whole system. It works in harmony. We’re a subset of nature in our human nature and we have all four qualities of expressive movement in us as well. Yet, you will always lead with one dominant type. And why is that? There’s some real benefits to that. You’re born with your dominant energy type intact.

Now, depending on how well that was received by your parents, and their perception of who they thought you should be as a child, you’re either highly supported in that or you were disciplined contrary to who you are. And I’ll give an example of myself and actually my son-in-law, because we’re both type 3s. So we have very, very different origins of our early beginnings in whether or not we felt supported in being our true selves. Now, let’s take my case, I’m a type 3, and just in my age group, specifically, I’m 61. And at the time in which I was born, there was a very, very strong, dominant cultural stereotype of what a female was meant to be like and it certainly wasn’t type 3 movement. You know, you had people…occasional type 3 women that really lived true to themselves, Rosa Parks was one who’s well-known for her choice to be persistent and determined to not have to give up her seat on the bus when the civil right movement was in its earliest days. Go Rosa, that’s a true type 3 choice. It’s like, I’m not gonna do what you tell me to do.

Now, in my lifetime, I was not actually honored to live my true type, I lived in a system that was very dysfunctional, and I wasn’t supported in being true to who I was. And so I wasn’t nurtured in my nature. So that wasn’t developing. So what happens when that is the situation you’re in? You typically will flip into your secondary energy. And this is possibly why you think you might be two types, you can over develop your secondary energy. In my case, it was a type 4 energy. I’m a type 3 with a secondary 4. What that looked like in my childhood was I was very quiet, I was very reserved, I was very still. Don’t make a wrong move, you know, the environment was such that you just didn’t want to upset your parents, you didn’t want to make your mother nervous and your father mad was the theme of the day. And so being a type 3 child, when you’re very active, reactive, and very expressive, hands on, very busy in your life, you’re not feeling safe enough to do that. So you shut it down and override it with your secondary.

So could I look at my childhood and say I was a type 4? I could have, but there were many, many signs of my type 3 coming out in my childhood that were all very telling to me. And I knew based on my face profile, and I was definitely a type 3, because that’s the number one assessment tool. Now, my son-in-law, being a type 3 as well, grew up in a very honoring environment, an environment that supported him in being his true nature. He was encouraged to go for it in life, and to be adventurous, and have a mind and will of his own, to be determined and to strike out into new territory and take on new challenges. He was actually praised for that. Very hands on physically, he was known even as a teenager to have big sports parties that he even charged people to attend, he got the award in town for the best Christmas decor, because the way he decorated the home, and he was a young man at the time. So that was all very praised, very different than mine. See, so he didn’t have to resort to his secondary energy to actually make it through his childhood.

So your childhood environment is going to have sent you a message, the message was, it’s not safe to be you, you need to alter that or it is safe to be you and good for you. And that will be what for many of us we had to kind of sift through. And that’s where face profiling is such a valuable, valuable tool, make sure you watch those videos. Because if you were shut down as a kid, when you start to own your true nature again, you’re going to have to heal some of that old stuff. But it’s easy to do, I have a lot of resources to help you. So no concerns there. I can help you clean up any old shame energy that’s attached to your true nature. I’ve got a lot of support for you in that area, because I really want you to live your truth. So that’s why people think they could be two types, there may be some secondary energy that’s very strong that they had to rely on to make it through their childhood.

And the third item I want you to consider is why you only are meant to live in one dominant type with the support in a very subtle way of your secondary and your other energies is built into your dominant energy type or your natural gifts. The things you do without really having to learn how to do them. You certainly can develop them and become more skilled in them. But they are there for you to tap into. Your natural gifts, what you’re really good at that’s effortless for you. That came with you, each type has those gifts. So right after this, if you’ve not taken my free course, go to at no expense to you. You’re gonna learn what those gifts are for each type. Are you using them? Are you benefiting from them? Are you helping? Are they available to you to help you create success after success in your life? Or are they shut down still, because you’re still carrying a shame layer over them? Let’s get rid of that shame. Let’s free you up to enjoy the best of who you are.

Thanks for subscribing to my channel. Share this with someone that’s looking for resources to help them heal their life. I’m here for you. I’m here for you and others. Let’s keep fighting and living our truth so we can make a difference in the world. Thanks for liking this video and subscribing, and hit the bell so you’re notified with my next great personal development resource when it gets posted. I’ll see at, and I’m excited for the life changes that are gonna happen for you.

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