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The First-Ever Couples #LiveMakeover

Meet Rachelle and Shawn, our first-ever Dressing Your Truth #LiveMakeover couple! They drove all the way from Texas with their four children to make it happen.

Part 1: Rachelle and Shawn’s Before
When Rachelle and Shawn discovered Dressing Your Truth a few years ago, it allowed them to understand and communicate even better than before.

That’s the beauty of Dressing Your Truth. It’s a seamless way to grow—both individually and as a couple. Now they’re ready to take their personal style to a new level.

After Rachelle and Shawn go backstage to start their makeover, hear answers to live questions from online viewers, including:

  • Is it possible for my Type 4 nature to suppress my Type 2 secondary energy?
  • Do children need to dress according to their Energy Type?
  • Is it possible for a Type 1 to not be sociable?


Part 2: The Couple’s Big Reveal!
You will love the results of Rachelle and Shawn’s makeover. Shawn’s dynamic nature is really supported through the rich, textured clothing—and Rachelle loved his hat just as much as we did!

As for Rachelle, she simply glows. You’ll see her softened features come forward now that her hair and makeup match her natural movement. It’s heartwarming to see her tender energy settle into her new look.

What an amazing couple! And to top it off, they celebrated 11 years of marriage the very next day. Happy Anniversay, Rachelle and Shawn! Thank you for allowing us to support you both.


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