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Invisible No More! Lyn’s Type 4 #LiveMakeover

Meet Lyn, our newest Dressing Your Truth #LiveMakeover guest!

Part 1: Lyn’s Before
Lyn grew up loving fashion, but as she’s gotten older and her life has changed, so has her style. She’s gone with what’s easy. Because she’s so beautiful, she looks fine in her jeans. But somethings missing in her style: it doesn’t highlight the true Lyn. Plus, she’s got a closet full of clothes she doesn’t wear. After today, no more!

As you watch Lyn’s “Before” video, put yourself in her place. You’re here because you’re ready for an a-ha about yourself or your own style. (You can get insight even if you’ve been dressing your truth for years!)

After Lyn goes backstage to start her makeover, hear answers to live questions from online viewers, including:

  • How does your beauty 6th sense play into determining your Type?
  • How are women selected for the live makeover experience?
  • What are clues to discover your secondary Type?


Part 2: Lyn’s Big Reveal–Invisible No More!
Whoa! You won’t even recognize Lyn in her new casual chic style.

In some ways, Lyn felt like she was invisible in her life. She didn’t wear certain things because she thought she might be too old. But in her “After,” those judgments fall away. (Amazing what a bold green jacket can do!)

Watch for 5 tips to dress this look down to casual and all the way up to chic. Plus, listen for Lyn’s process of determining her Type. You may get some insight to let go of your own negative judgments of yourself.


What do you love about Lyn’s look and confidence? Share a positive comment!

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