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How to Pick the Best Profession for Your Relaxed Type 2 Energy

Your job doesn't have to be stressful—it can be steady and smooth, just like you!

As a Type 2 woman, you want to find the ideal profession that’s supportive to your soft, gentle, and composed nature.

Many women have had experiences of frustration and failure in their profession because it didn’t align with their true nature.

Because of this, I’ve been asked many times, “How do I choose the right job for my Type 2 nature?

I really believe that you can be successful in any career. But you need the freedom to move through it true to your flowing, fluid natural movement.

Before you accept your next job offer or decide to stick with your current one, consider a few necessities specific to your Type 2 energy.

You naturally bring a calm, sincere steadiness to your workplace and to your co-workers. You have a natural ability to think things through and make detailed plans. Choose a job that honors these traits, otherwise, you may come across as slow and tedious. You naturally want to bring those Type 2 gifts and and your style with you every day, so look for a job that provides…

  • Opportunities to optimize your gift for detail-oriented planning.
  • The chance to complete tasks at your own pace.
  • A setting where you can connect with others.
  • The ability to work in a methodical way and think things through.

Or start your own business, Type 2 style!

Tips for Type 2 entrepreneurs

As a Type 2 woman, you enjoy working by yourself but can easily work with others. You enjoy making people comfortable and supporting others, so any support-related work is natural for you. High-pressured sales are not your thing—you will be uncomfortable putting people on the spot and blame yourself for being inadequate when it is really the job that is not right for you.

Why a job may not be best for Type 2 energy

It’s a common belief that in order to succeed in today’s professional world, you have to have a push and drive and willingness to compete. Since that movement is completely against your nature, it will actually make you sick if you live from that energy too much of the time. That’s why it’s important to learn to trust your true movement! And that if you live true to your more subtle, relaxed, flowing movement, you will succeed. You can be ambitious and committed in your Type 2 way.

I recently asked our Dressing Your Truth Type 2 Expert, Jenny, to share about her job experience and what made it supportive—or not!

Here’s what she had to say:

“I do network marketing. When I first started, I was approaching my business with a PUSH. Push product, push classes, push conversation, close sales, push people to host classes, push people to build the business, etc, etc. You can imagine how that was not consistent with the nature of a Type 2. DYT showed up and changed my whole perspective. It taught me to be gentle, to be soft, to meet people one on one.

“But I still felt this Type 3 push to get more results and to do the business in a formulaic way. I ultimately burned out and took 2 years off while I was pregnant with my seventh child.”

What can make a job work for a Type 2

You’ll honor your true nature when you focus on connecting, with sincerity and gentleness.

Jenny explains: “Returning to work as a bonafide Type 2 was amazing! I showed up with more one-on-one interactions. I stopped hosting classes. I stopped telling people “you would be so good at this business” and invited them in with my double yin movement. I stopped pushing product and invited healing, growth, and transformation. I stopped talking about features and benefits and asked more questions. I looked inward, into my gut, into their heart, to see if there was a solution to their emotional need. I stopped trying to close a sale and instead joyfully expected the sale. Working consistently with my Type 2 nature has yielded much more fulfillment and joy, more success, and more confidence that anyone can do this type of job consistent with their Energy Type.”

When you know your gifts and strengths, you can optimize your natural traits and expressions to create an amazingly successful career where you glow!

Be true to yourself in choosing jobs and careers that honor your true nature. You’ll be much calmer in your day-to-day work experience as a result.

I want to hear your story in a comment. What was your favorite (or least favorite) job you’ve had, and what made it so?

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