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How to Pick the Best Profession for Your Confident Type 3 Energy

Use your passionate nature to support you in loving your career

Ever felt frustrated at your job? As a Type 3 woman, you want to find the ideal profession that’s supportive to your active, reactive nature.

Many women have had experiences of frustration and failure in their profession because it didn’t align with their true nature.

Because of this, I’ve been asked many times, “How do I choose the right job for my Type 3 energy?

I really believe that you can be successful in any career. But you need the freedom to move through it true to your dynamic movement.

Before you accept your next job offer or decide to stick with your current one, consider a few necessities specific to your Type 3 energy.

You are a go-getter and like being your own boss, or at least in charge of your own schedule. You are a great salesperson and thrive on the challenge of making the sale. If you believe in it, you can sell it. You like situations where you have to make quick decisions and move swiftly. Make sure your job choice honors your gift for determination and getting things done in a practical way, otherwise you will come across as too demanding and pushy. Pursue a job that provides:

  • Opportunities to optimize your gift for taking charge and motivating others
  • High-pressure situations that require your push to get things done
  • Tasks that you can accomplish simultaneously
  • Or start your own business, Type 3 style!

Tips for Type 3 entrepreneurs

As a Type 3, you have a knack for getting a business up and running. Your natural tendency toward entrepreneurship can be a great gift to the world! Starting a business will be more natural for you because your results-oriented nature sees money as a result. Your challenge will be that you may jump in too quickly without necessary details or start so many projects that you burn out or lose interest. Draw on your secondary Energy Types to support you in managing those challenges.

Why a job may not be best for Type 3 energy

Avoid jobs that are too stationary, too repetitive, or require a lot of data, analyzing, or research. None of these will engage your movement or talents as a Type 3.

As a Type 3 myself, that’s exactly what I found in one of my earlier jobs.

When I was in college, I had a summer internship working as a research assistant at the USDA, and it was not a good fit. I was stuck at a desk for 8 hours a day inside a high rise building, reading research papers about the nutrient data of fish! The data I helped collect was used for the USDA nutrition handbook. It’s a good thing it’s been updated since then as I’m pretty sure the fish section wasn’t accurate!

What can make a job work for a Type 3

You’ll thrive in jobs that allow you to work on your own terms, be active, and see substantial results.

For 5 summers, I worked as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and Director of the Learn to Swim summer camps. They were perfect in supporting my Type 3 Nature because I got to be outside and active. Teaching children how to swim gave me the value of seeing results that others were achieving based on my efforts. When I was hired as the Director, I had to hire the other instructors and create the teaching schedules which I enjoyed as I was in charge of the experience.

When you know your natural Type 3 gifts and strengths, you can optimize your traits and expressions to create an awesome work experience!

Be true to yourself in choosing jobs and careers that honor your true nature. You’ll be much more satisfied with your day-to-day work experience as a result.

I want to hear your story in a comment. What was your favorite (or least favorite) job you’ve had, and what made it so?

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