How to Have Fuller Lashes & Longer Lasting Mascara

Make your eyelash dreams come true with the Lash Collection

Are your lashes clumpy? Wish that you had more fullness and volume? Does your mascara start flaking off halfway through the day?

Lavish lashes can be yours, it’s all in the eyelash prep and finish. With just a little more time and a few new tools, you can have the lashes you’ve always wanted. Anna K gives you her Lash Kit quick tips for fuller lashes and longer-lasting mascara.

Your Lash Kit How-To:
  1. (00:39) Lash Curler, with a unique shape that makes curling your lashes easier than ever before.
  2. (02:23) Lash Primer, the fiber-rich formula creates a power-full result.
  3. (03:18) Lash Definer, stop using that safety pin! This is the right tool for the job.
  4. (05:05) Mascara (not included, but get it here), and why it’s important to let your Primer dry first.
  5. (07:45) Lash Shield, how this locks in your mascara for all-day wear.

Having the eyelashes you’ve always wanted is easier than you think!

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Video Transcript 

All of your lovely long eyelashes dreams have come true with this lash kit. You are going to love these items. There’s four of them. I’m gonna go over them really quick. The eyelash curler, gonna show you how to use that, this is a really good one, by the way. And a lash primer, this is fantastic and an absolute must-have to make those lashes thicker and longer. Your eyelash definer has a metal comb right here, we’ll get into why in a minute, and then the lash shield, an absolute must-have to top off your lashes and make them brilliant and lushy lashes all day long.

All right, so the eyelash curler. I really like this eyelash curler because it’s not quite so concave. And the reason that that’s really great is because you don’t have to push it so far into your face to get your eyelashes to get like two or three of them. So this eyelash shape right here is really fantastic. You will love it. I’m gonna show you how to use it really quick.

You open it up like this, and you put it close to your eyelid, and then you just crank down. And I like to hold it there for maybe five seconds. So I count to 10, because I count fast, like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, done. And you can see the difference immediately. You see that lash out just has a curve. Now if you’re using this every day, I suggest positioning it in a little bit different place, because if you keep doing the same place and you crank on it for that 10 seconds, then they might start breaking off. So be careful where you put the eyelash curler so you can kind of just bring it out.

And I know a lot of people can do that too, where you can just go in and just kind of hit it a little bit in a couple of different places and have that length and that curl right there. It’s a really, really fantastic curler, super easy to use. Now just a little bit extra tip if you want it, you can heat it with a blow dryer for just a few seconds, and it heats it up enough that it kind of acts as a curling iron.

Now, be very, very careful when you do that so you don’t burn your eyelid. So I just check the back with my hand, just kind of, “Oh, yeah, it’s good enough,” and I put it right in, super easy, super fast. I’m gonna do the other side really quick. See, just like I’m pretending to count, and that’s probably good. And now I have both eyelashes just like in the perfect place and all ready for the primer.

Now I love this primer, and when you see it, don’t freak out, because it’s white. Can you see that? It’s very, very white, and when you put it on, it’s also very, very white. Now when you swirl, don’t ever pump, wrong. You have to swirl, swirl, swirl so you get a lot of product onto the brush, and then you’re ready to put it on your eyelashes.

Now what this does, I’m just gonna explain it while I’m doing it, is it lengthens and thickens. And it’s okay just to kind of slap it on there, because we’re gonna comb it out here in a second with the lash definer, eyelash definer. So you can kind of see, it’s just…it’s not so willy-nilly, but you’re getting quite a bit on there. And you’re getting it so that it has a lot of fibers in it and it’s making it very, very thick.

Now these fibers are not fine enough that if they fall into your eyes they’re gonna hurt, nothing like that, it’s very, very, very, very soft. And then I use my lash definer and these are metal combs, which I like these a little bit better, because they have little points on it. If you’re using a safety pin, stop by this, because it will change your life. Think of a safety pin with all these teeny tiny, I think there’s like, I don’t know, 20 on there, ish, and they can all do it at the same time.

Now I like to do this before it dries completely. You can see that it’s not taking off the product, it’s just separating those lashes really nicely. And that’s the look that you get. Now, sometimes I’m feeling really lushy, and I hit it with a second layer, because this really does make all the difference when you put that mascara on.

So this is the step that you do right before your mascara. So don’t do it after. You’ll have white eyelashes, and that’s kind of weird. I mean, it has a moment or a look if you want to be a snow queen or something but probably not for an everyday look. Now I love my primer, so I’m really just gonna put it on there. Good.

But as you can see, really, it’s very easy, very similar to putting on mascara. Sometimes you have to get a little closer to the mirror to see because there’s white. If you did use this on your bottom lashes, realize you’re going to get those lashes quite a bit thicker. And once you put your mascara on, it really does add to the bulk. So if you do do it, just realize that that’s what you’re kind of getting into.

You might want to try it just to see how it feels and looks on you. You might love it. I mean, I prefer not to. I can usually get the volume that I want with just my mascara and the lash shield, but try it, check it out. You might really love it. I’m just gonna make sure that I don’t have any clumpies with my beautiful brush. Okay.

Now make sure you use a mascara true to your type. I’m going to be using brown. It has a lot of volume in it. Now the mascara is not included in the kit, just so that you know. And it’s okay if you get some up there. We’ll take that off in a minute. You can see once that lash primer dries it really can add to the volume of your mascara. It’s just helping that mascara. It’s like a friend. It’s a sidekick and it’s just… What do sidekicks do? They make everything better and more amazing usually.

So even if I get it a little bit stuck together, you just pull out your comb and work its way through, and that primer just does wonderful magic in there. I love it so much. And I just feel like you can never have enough mascara. It’s such a lovely trend right now. I hope it becomes, like, a classic. It’s so fantastic. I’m just gonna hit this other side really quick.

Now the more you let your primer dry, the better it will be for your mascara, because it keeps…it truly sets those eyelashes and keeps them ready and prepped for your mascara. So this eye might go on a little bit better, but you really can’t mess it up because you have your eyelash definer and it just really fixes any problems that you might have.

You can use any mascara with this kit. I personally recommend not using a waterproof unless that’s really, really working for you. Waterproof is so hard on your lashes that taking it on and off and having the extra product just really makes it kind of hard. And when we get to that last shield, you’re not gonna have to use waterproof anymore when we get to that because that’s next, that’s like the secret weapon to this whole thing. And honestly, I could just keep talking and adding and adding and adding the layers. I know I got to stop, but I love it so much, it’s so pretty.

And then I usually dust the very bottom of my lashes right here just a little bit. Now my bottom lashes don’t touch underneath by my eye, and also I have quite a bit there. But if you’re feeling like they’re a little bit thin, try the primer. It really will help thicken those lashes there. Okay. So I just kind of wave them off, blow them up a little bit.

And then I’m ready for the lash shield, which this stuff is amazing. It comes clear as you can see. And as time goes on, it’ll get little pieces of mascara in there. Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t change the formula or anything. It’s really, really great. But what this does is it seals in, locks in the shape and your mascara. So it’s not waterproof. If you went swimming, eventually it would come off, but what it does is it locks it in.

So throughout your blinking, throughout the day, if you have that problem with the mascara, just kind of runs and gets all over your face because you have oily skin and now it’s touching your mascara and then it’s running down your face, this is what stops that. So it’s an actual…it’s a bond between your lashes and your skin, which is just amazing. I love this stuff.

The lash shield is really the secret weapon to this whole kit. And I like to dust the bottom lashes, too, with it. Ta-da, what do you think? Are they gorgeous? I think they’re gorg, how about you? You have to pick up this kit, because all four of these products will change your eyelashes life for life. You’ll love every single one of them.

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