Feeling Validated in Her Peaceful Flow: Carrie’s Before & After

She thought that "effort" created her value, but the truth was there all along

Are you feeling tired and rundown? Have you learned to adapt to the social needs of others to keep the peace?

We live in a world that seems to support and reward extrovert personalities, but what if you are an introvert personality?

Meet Carrie, a soft and subtle Type 2 woman. As a former professional woman, throughout her life, Carrie had learned to over-ride her true nature. As a child, she took on the belief that she needed to keep-the-peace by being “fun” and buffering friendships. This desire to connect people and create peace and comfort was actually true to her Type 2 nature, but she was doing it in a way that was opposed to her natural movement.

As she began to feel the physical effects of years of living in overdrive and moved from career to stay-at-home-mom she knew she needed a change. Watch as my Type 2 Expert Anne, and I guide her thought a teary-eyed transformation to a new personal style that helps her honor her desire to live a restful calm lifestyle that has her “feeling amazing, beautiful, and validated.”

In this Before & After we talk about (The makeover begins at 8:42):
  • (3:34) Hear how she was able to get comfortable with her new mantra for life, “I have time to heal, and it’s safe to take time.”
  • (4:04) How you can be overpowered by bold style choices.
  • (12:22) What it feels like to get a heartfelt and validating compliment.
  • (12:52) How your own transformation is as powerful as the one you are witnessing.
  • (14:11) Why your Style Guide helps you find connection and harmony in your outfits.

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Video Transcript:

Carol: Well, I’d like to introduce you to the beautiful Carrie. Hi, Carrie.

Carrie: Hi. How are you?

Carol: I’m good. Thank you for your participation and being, I think, what we’ll experience today with sharing your story is that many type two women feel validated because then you went through the beauty profiling system. Your first assessment of yourself was not a type two. What type did you assess yourself as?

Carrie: A one.

Carol: So, a type one, which the movement of type one, as you know is, more of an extrovert energy. It’s an outward, up, light, very buoyant energy. So, somewhere in your life, you must have taken on the belief that you had to be what I’ll just call outgoing. Put yourself out there. Tell us how you practiced that.

Carrie: Well, I think what happened was as a child I saw the dynamic between my parents and my family as my mom was very detail-oriented and my dad was very spontaneous, and I perceived that as stressful. And so, I turned more to being spontaneous and happy and flighty, just to keep the peace. That’s kind of what I’ve come to.

Carol: Okay. And then as you developed just sort of your social habits with people, did you feel like that was kind of your job? You had to, you know…

Carrie: Yeah, absolutely.

Carol: …be the social butterfly?

Carrie: Yeah. And now I see it as, you know, I was really keeping the peace between or just creating peace between friendships and, you know, connecting people and…

Carol: Yeah, that it was a type two motivation in that you wanted people to feel connected, feel comfortable, feel more peaceful. But you did it in a very…

Carrie: Energetic way.

Carol: Very putting yourself…

Carrie: And very spontaneous all the time just, “Okay, let’s go, let’s go.”

Carol: Which then, the side effect of that over years of kind of going opposing yourself, you know, you’re now running an energy that’s the opposite of who you are. You’ve found that you’ve had some physical side effects. And it’s very common for type two women that are overriding their primary energy, their dominant energy that they’ll be side effects, some degree of just exhaustion. And so, as you said, you then would replenish because you were forced to in a way because your system couldn’t handle it anymore. Your body was just craving rest, craving… But it wasn’t really craving sleep in the term of rest, it was craving peace, your own inner peace.

Carrie: Calm.

Carol: Yes.

Carrie: Like a calm lifestyle. And I really had the belief growing up is that my value was on money. And so, I was always working and I was always in like a high-pressure sales job, you know, one and a half jobs all the time. And now I have kids and it’s, like, it’s just compounded, you know. So, it’s…you know, I don’t have that belief anymore and now I can be the stay-at-home mom. That actually feels valuable for once ever, which is a big deal for me.

Carol: Because you thought all of those external, that efforting gave you your value. And since you’ve learned your type of energy, knowing you’re a type two woman, what do you notice now that you have this point of reference to say, “This is me, this is not me.”

Carrie: I find that I’m healing much faster because I am not focused on all the things that I typically am focused on. Like, I need to hurry and get better so I can get back out there. It’s, I have time, I have time to heal, and it’s safe to take time and it’s actually accelerated it. At least from my last experiences, it’s completely accelerated my healing time.

Carol: With reference to your fashion, you are very fashionable.

Carrie: Thanks.

Carol: You are a beautiful woman.

Carrie: I guess.

Carol: There was compliment in there. But where I’m going with this, you look very fashionable, but then I don’t see you first. I’m seeing your necklace, I’m seeing your very bold color, I’m seeing your very bright platinum hair. Then I go, “Oh, there you are.” And so, people will recognize you for being put together with a certain look. But we’re not seeing Carrie and your elegant beauty and especially how beautiful your eyes are. You have these beautiful, blue, gray eyes that aren’t coming forward because everything else is taking over. Are you are excited to see what Anne’s pulled together here?

Carrie: Yes. Please.

Carol: Okay, good. Well, let’s invite Anne to join us.

Carrie: Okay.

Carol: And this is just a lovely choice that you’ve put together for Carrie.

Anne: Thank you.

Carol: I love it. How do you feel about it, Carrie?

Carrie: I love it.

Anne: So, we have gone with the more dressy casual look because you have been out in the business world and that you are a stay-at-home mom now, but it gives you the option to dress it up, that style that you feel comfortable in. So, we’ve chosen this beautiful ensemble starting with the top. It is so fluid and flowing. So, following that type two fabrication, I love the soft color, the soft lines, and I think it pairs really nicely with the jacket that has a little bit more weight to it. It’s still very soft, but you can see in the design line that elongated lapel, the beautiful lace, I just love that added texture, very soft texture, and that’s just gonna feel really comfortable on you. And then for the pant, this is your upgraded version of a yoga pant. So, you gotta like…

Carrie: My husband thinks, too.

Carol: “Honey, you look really put together.” “Yes, dear, and I’m comfortable with this.”

Carrie: Yes, I know.

Anne: So, these have a lot of stretch in them and I think that’s why you’re drawn to the yoga pant because you can move freely and I am with you there. I’m not drawn to jeans that are stiff, and so going with a jean that has more elastic in the fabrication, it’s gonna move with you. We’ve gone with the slim to skinny that’s gonna really flatter your figure and I just love that combination all together.

Carol: I love the color of the denim pointing out that it has that brushed, that muted effect in the finishing of the denim.

Anne: And I like going with a little bit darker on the bottom, I think just you’ve got the lighter, the medium and the dark, and then going to the accessories, this necklace is going to really bring it all together. Again, you’ve got some blue tones that will draw up the color in the jeans and create that connecting factor. And then these are really comfortable flat. You can see the softened rectangle and the design line in the oval there. You can just see that they’re really gonna flex and be comfortable. You’re going to be able to move. And then finishing it off with this nice, simple yet very sparkly, gonna bring in some of the lace that’s going on in the jacket and the earring, and then a nice stretchy bracelet is gonna be comfortable. But again, just adding that little pop of silver sparkle going to be really nice, creating a subtle, elegant quality.

Carol: I love that. And go ahead and show the style guide as we just, again, connecting with the colors, harmonizing the whole outfit is an ensemble of beautiful type two tones with all of the five elements incorporated in the various features of the items. And I’m very excited with the changes we’re gonna make with your hair, you have a very bold statement going on with your hair, which is not true to who you are. And so, we’re going to create some subtlety there and some elegance, and I think you’ll marvel at the beauty that comes forward in this change. It’s a simple change, but it’s a huge effect on your appearance, and you’ve been very willing to trust us.

Carrie: Absolutely.

Carol: Which we appreciate very much. Now, it appears you’re very comfortable with makeup. It’s something you’ve been using throughout your adult life and your teens. And so, again, we’re going to incorporate type two makeup to make sure that it harmonizes with all the other components of your style.

Carrie: Okay. Sounds good.

Carol: So, thanks for your willingness. Appreciated. Thank you, Anne.

Carrie: Thank you.

Carol: This is very beautiful.

Anne: I am excited.

Carol: I am, too.

[00:08:47] [music] [00:09:16]

Carol: And I’m really looking forward to Carrie’s reveal. She is such a beautiful woman and we could see that she was making a lot of choices that were overpowering her soft, subtle type of beauty. So, let’s look at her before pic. So, and I know everyone is really excited to see this.

Anne: Carrie, come on out. Oh, you.

Carol: I’m gonna cry.
Anne: I know we do.

Carol: Oh my… I am. I’m just…you’re gorgeous.

Carrie: Thank you.

Carol: I mean, I feel like I’m looking at…it’s interesting because you’re so clear, there’s a clarity that just expresses of just you’re so crystal clear. It’s kind of like if you’re to look through a camera lens and it wasn’t focused and now it’s like focused and we can see how beautiful you are. And you really…you were beautiful before, it’s just so honoring of who you are.

Anne: I see just this as powerful confidence that [inaudible 00:10:22], but I think as type two so often we try and put on this show and like, I’m gonna wear, you know, like with your fashion choice is a bolder color or bigger jewelry and I can take on this world, I can prove it to you. And maybe judging these colors in these design lines as too soft or weak. But this, just the whole package is you have this beautiful confidence about you and you just…life is showing up for you. Like we were saying earlier, you know, it’s just gonna flow. It’s going to be a lot easier and like just more enjoyable in that soft, subtle expression.

Carol: How are you feeling?

Carrie: Amazing and beautiful and validated.

Carol: I’m crying. We’re gonna cry for a minute. You know, you starting with your hair, because it’s a subtle change because it’s still, we wanted to keep the blonde because you’re beautiful blonde hair, but we softened it. And just even taking the part over to the side and creating those S curves in the flow of your style.

Anne: And adding some really soft layers just creates that really…those soft lines. Yeah.

Carol: In fact, we’d like you to just do a turnaround so they can see how beautiful it looks. And notice also just how the blouse drops down below the jacket, creating again that soft and fluid movement, downward movement. How does it feel? Is it comfortable?

Carrie: I love it. It’s comfortable and it feels like it’s something that I would choose and I could live in. You know, I could live this.

Carol: And it’s practical as well.

Carrie: You know, this is me as far as the structure, but it ties in the elements of the comfort that I really longed for, you know?

Carol: Any concerns that you have?

Carrie: No. None. Yeah, I think it’s just kind of taking in everything about my twoness and, you know, being here it’s, like, everyone is like, wow, wow. And before it was, you know, I got comments before, but I think I…or because you guys understand who I am, it’s a different compliment.

Carol: Wow, I’m so grateful. For all of you watching and feeling this, you’re seeing yourself and we see this in every woman, that when you see it in another woman, you don’t recognize how much your own transformation is like the one you’re witnessing.

Anne: I see these beautiful type twos. Do I really look like that? Do I exude that beauty? Does that gentle beauty… I’m like, I hope so, and apparently I do.

Carrie: You do.

Anne: Yes, you do, and it’s just really honoring.

Carol: So, you’re witnessing your own beauty and as you moved through your own transformation and really learned to follow your beauty success, what you see in Carrie, what you see in Anne is who you are. And that’s what you’re recognizing now that we’re complimenting you, your being, the truth of you. That hems look amazing as well.

Carrie: Thank you.

Carol: Your makeup’s really beautiful on you.

Carrie: Thanks.

Carol: You’re really…and this is what I really…I kind of predicted this, that your eyes would come out more clearly, their color, which they’re this beautiful type two blue with some quality of gray that are just so present now and they just shine. Actually, what you were doing before took a lot more effort, but that was kinda how your life was going.

Carrie: Right.

Anne: And I call this effortless elegance.

Carrie: I like that.

Carol: I like that. It’s nice. We’ll have a look at the style guide and, again, we can see the connection here with the harmony in the colors, all these beautiful tones. And as we’ve added the jewelry, the makeup, getting your hair in the right color and movement, a correct hairstyle for your type of beauty, it’s all working together. With your five elements on the back, that’s going to help you remember everything you learned in this course. The only challenge you’ll have is, “What great outfit should I wear today?”

Anne: I will wear three.

Carol: “I’ll wear three great outfits.” So, I’d like to invite you to do the 30-day challenge, and then I really encourage you to do that. And in that process to stay true to your type of beauty, most likely at 30 days you’ll have a real point of reference now between kind of before dressing your truth and after so that there’s really no going back, that you’ll feel it and you’re already feeling that. We figure by 30 days it’s a given that you’re gonna have a distinct aware, a feeling very clearly aware of what it was like before and that’s not you.

Carrie: Okay.

Anne: And that process helps you to really understand and learn and build not only your type two style but Carrie’s type two style, to really make it individual to you. And that will continue on in this process of dressing your truth and finding your own unique style within the type two world, and just becomes just really enjoyable experience and fun and something to look forward to.

Carol: But I’ll only let you do it if you agree that you’ll do it with less effort and with calmness and flow.

Anne: And confidence.

Carrie: Okay. All right.

Anne: Less self-doubt, too. I know we have a tendency to doubt ourselves as a type two and then it can frustrate the process. So, just let it be an enjoyable process and flow naturally and trust yourself. Don’t go up here, trust your heart, trust that I’m doing this right, and give yourself that pep talk. We need it.

Carrie: Okay. And I’ve got mine.

Anne: That’s right.

Carol: Thank you so much.

Carrie: Thank you.

Carol: You’ve been so willing to…again, the subtle differences that are applied in the dressing your truth process for a type two woman have huge, huge, significant outcomes both to your internal validation and the visual quality that supports truly who you are. And thank you so much for letting us support you.

Carrie: Thank you.

Carol: And thank you, Anne. You’ve done a wonderful job.

Anne: My pleasures.

Carrie: Thank you.

Carol: Thank you.

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