Feel Forgotten by the Fashion World? This Stunning Baby Boomer Gets a Makeover

The best anti-aging beauty & fashion tips for women over 50

Have you reached a certain age and suddenly feel invisible to the fashion industry? As a woman over 50, do you feel like it doesn’t matter whether or not you “try” because nobody will care anyway?

After Sherri hit a landmark birthday, she felt like she was fading away.

Sherri is a stunning Type 4 woman who always believed in putting effort into herself and her style. She wanted her outward appearance to reflect how she felt on the inside, no matter what her age.

However, the magazines and the fashion industry often forget about the older woman, causing her to forget herself. The message given to women over 50 is that having bold fashion choices is “too much”.

If toning it down doesn’t feel right to you, you’ll love this inspirational Before & After about staying true to yourself.

Remove the invisibility cloak by discovering your own Type of Beauty when you take the free Dressing Your Truth Before & After course.

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Video Transcript
Carol: Welcome to the Dressing Your Truth Makeover series with Carol Tuttle. I am excited to introduce you to my quest, Sherri. Hi, Sherri.

Sherri: Hi.

Carol: In your audition video, I loved some things that you shared. Because I think you put two words what I feel how a lot of women feel at a certain phase in life. And you spoke for a lot of women. So, let’s take a minute and watch Sherri in her audition video and see if you relate to this.

Sherri: I just had a big birthday recently and as you know the magazines forget about women as they get older, the stores forget about women as they get older and I started sort of forgetting about myself thinking, “You know, I’m old now. I’m invisible. Nobody cares. Why should I try?” But I don’t really think that’s true. I think no matter how old you get, you should present your best self. Anyway, I would love a makeover. I would love to jumpstart for the next decade or two and not just for myself, but hopefully, other women can learn that you know, you start getting those big birthdays. It doesn’t matter. You still need to put forth a little bit of effort and you’ll feel better for doing so.

Carol: Now, you spoke in your video about having a birthday recently that seemed significant for you. And I love you to share your age because I think it will surprise our viewers.

Sherri: I just turned 60-years-old.

Carol: Yes, and you look great. I really think you look amazing.

Sherri: Oh, well, thank you. Thank you.

Carol: Yeah. I think most of my viewers that know Energy Profiling and the 4 Types, I bet right now they are thinking you’re a certain Type. So, share with our viewers what Energy Type you are.

Sherri: Well, I am a Type 4.

Carol: Yes. See. Now…

Sherri: Always known I was a Type 4.

Carol: Those of you that are seeing Sherri and a very Type 2 look, your hair, your coloring on your clothing is very Type 2. So, I think it would have been an easy conclusion, “Oh, Sherri is just lovely, soft Type 2 women.” But…

Sherri: Yes. I can see that now. I can see that now. My mistake.

Carol: Well, the thing is, it’s interesting because what you said in your audition video was, “This is sort of the direction that’s given for women over 50.”

Sherri: I think that’s true. When you go shopping, when you look in the magazines and you’re an older woman, I think you’re just sort of told, “Soften everything, wear more flowing loose clothes. You know, no colors on your makeup, you know, certainly just soften…”

Carol: Tone it all down.

Sherri: Tone it all down.

Carol: I don’t understand why, but…

Sherri: No. You’re right, because it’s not necessarily who we are.

Carol: No.

Sherri: But society as a whole, I think makes it very difficult to stay true to your truth.

Carol: Well, even to know what the truth is in the beginning, you know.

Sherri: Yes.

Carol: I also like what you said in your audition video about women being overlooked and you’re kind of…I love that you’re a Type 4 woman who turns 60 and you’re putting your foot down. You’re taking a stand and say, “No. I don’t think so. I’m gonna be visible and I’m gonna now jumpstart the next phase of my life for at least two decades here.”

Sherri: Exactly right. That’s what I wanna do.

Carol: It’s like, “Oh, yeah?”

Sherri: I’m not going to go quietly into the night.

Carol: Fade into the nothing.

Sherri: Fade away and disappear. No.

Carol: The image I have is, think of a fairy godmother with a magic wand. Well, you’ve come into our space today and we’re gonna put our magic wand on you because I see this sort of like rrr. It’s just kind of like, “Whoa”. You’re gonna show up very differently.

Sherri: Okay.

Carol: But what I love is to the online content, I give you the magic wand because you can magic wand yourself into your own truth, you’re personal style, true to your Type. And so, you’re just a role model for women especially Type 4 women to show what’s possible. And especially women that have hit what we call the years of maturity and the years that, you know, the getting old phase. And we’re like, “We’re the baby boomers that are saying, “Oh, yeah? What is that mean?” you know.

Sherri: Exactly.

Carol: There’s no, “I chose to be me myself. Myself at whatever age I’m at.” And I love that you’re choosing that for yourself as well. You just wanna be Sherri.

Sherri: Exactly. No matter how, what age I’m at, I want to be my best self.

Carol: Yeah.

Sherri: Yes.

Carol: Oh, I love that. Thank you. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

Sherri: You’re welcome. Thanks for having me.

Carol: Well, let’s get started.

Sherri: Okay.


Carol: It’s another great Dressing Your Truth Makeover. Sherri really wanted to reset her life, renew. Really show up as we talked about in her Before segment. So, let’s check out her before picture. Sherri, come on in, join me. Show the world you have been found. You are amazing.

Sherri: I’m here. I’m here. I’m back.

Carol: Do you love it?

Sherri: I do. I love everything.

Carol: Everything?

Sherri: Everything.

Carol: I wanna just go over inch-by-inch because there’s just so many pieces here that I love.

Sherri: Okay. Yes.

Carol: What’s your favorite from everything that you’re experiencing?

Sherri: Well, the shoes. Okay. We gals like our shoes. So, let’s start there and everything just coordinates and works and it feels like me. And then, the hair is a huge change.

Carol: Yeah. I’m really interested…

Sherri: Huge change.

Carol: …in how you feel about the hair.

Sherri: Oh, I love it. I love it.

Carol: I love it.

Sherri: It’s just lighter and brighter and…

Carol: We’ve left a lot of your natural color coming through also.

Sherri: Yes.

Carol: And just it’s more of a vanilla blond which is Type 4 to have that cooler blond.

Sherri: Uh-huh. Uh-hmm.

Carol: Love the cut.

Sherri: Oh, yeah.

Carol: This is a style now.

Sherri: It’s a style.

Carol: Distinct style for you.

Sherri: It was a nothing before.

Carol: Yes.

Sherri: Yeah, this is the style.

Carol: Looks neat and it looks like it will be easy to do.

Sherri: I think so.

Carol: Your hair looks so full and healthy. And then, this is very casual, but still, you just look really stunning.

Sherri: Exactly. It’s casual, but yet I don’t feel like I’m in my sweats or my jeans and a big pullover, so.

Carol: Yeah. Yeah. You have a lot of freedom in the Dressing Your Truth Experience to do what feels correct for you and so, I always say to women, “How does this feel to you having the accessories that you have?”

Sherri: It feels really good. It doesn’t feel like too much to me. Sometimes when I put on a necklace and earrings, I feel like one needs to come off or I can’t wear a bracelet. But this just feels like the right amount.

Carol: Is this a new look for you?

Sherri: It’s a new look for me. Red lips, I kind of stayed away from them, but I think I can kind of rock it now. So, yeah.

Carol: Of course you can.

Sherri: Yeah.

Carol: So, yes. How old are you, 45?

Sherri: Yes, 45 and with experience.

Carol: Yeah. Now, the thing is and I say this over and over is not like we’re trying look younger, I think we’ve been aging ourselves. We’re just trying to look authentic and in that authenticity, we actually take years off that we’ve created. We’ve created the aging…

Sherri: Yes.

Carol: Incorrect hairstyles, wrong colors on our body, not the right design lines, you know. And we’ve just been going along blindly in the fashion world aging ourselves.

Sherri: Agree.

Carol: So, I always say, “We look our age because we’re not aging ourselves anymore.”

Sherri: Yeah. Right. Right.

Carol: Yeah. Because I don’t care if I look younger. I just wanna look healthy and I wanna look true to me. And that was your goal. You wanted to be visible.

Sherri: Yes. Yes. I wanted to look how I felt in the inside and I just wanted to be myself instead of sort of shrinking and becoming invisible and not being myself.

Carol: Well, I feel that you’ve achieved that today.

Sherri: I think so.

Carol: I think you’re gonna just every day choose into that now.

Sherri: Yes.

Carol: Then, I know that women are watching. You inspire them, you give them ideas. You really give them hope for, you know, real self-realization. So, I love that you’ve been so honest with your story. So, you too can be inspired by your own choices and live true to who you are, creating your own personal style just as Sherri’s done. Have fun with Dressing Your Truth.

Sherri: I wish I had learned this so many years ago. It helps your relationships, it helps your career choices and your decision-making skills. It’s not just about how to pull together a look, which is huge in itself, but it’s really important information I think everybody needs.

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