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“But I Can’t Be Type 4!” 3 Common Myths About Type 4 Energy

Let's clear up these misunderstandings about Type 4 Energy

Think you can’t be a Type 4 because of one specific thing?

Before you dismiss it, let’s look into this a little more. As you learn about Energy Profiling and begin to determine which of the 4 Types you are, sometimes the Types are misunderstood.

I’ve noticed that people tend to take an interpretation of an Energy Type too far and then pigeon-hole an Energy Type into that misunderstanding.

That creates a box that you feel like you don’t fit in.

First, let’s go over the energy of Type 4: it’s a more structured, linear energy that has a straight-forward, clean, symmetrical quality to it. It has the nature of a keen eye, being able to see inefficiencies and imperfections, as well as knowing where things need balance as it brings more perfection to the world. It prefers a “less is more” mentality of simplicity.

Let’s see how these tendencies create myths.

3 Most Common Myths of Type 4 Energy:

(3:08) – Myth #1: “I can’t be a Type 4 because I don’t have a clean home.” Type 4 people tend to have an all-or-nothing approach to different experiences in life, and here’s why keeping your home tidy might fall into the “nothing” category.

(5:27) – Myth #2: “I can’t be a Type 4 because I don’t have perfect skin.” I teach that Type 4 skin has a more porcelain quality to it, but wait—you might not notice this quality at first if you don’t have the correct hair, makeup, or colors on your body!

(7:33) – Myth #3: “I can’t be a Type 4 because I’m not mean.” This is really important to clear up! Type 4 people tend to be bold, straightforward, and blunt. But that’s not the same as being mean. Their delivery can simply be misunderstood in a world that struggles to be direct and speak our own truth.

Where do you go from here?

While this video focused on personality traits of Type 4 energy, the best place to go when determining your Type is face profiling and body profiling!

If you don’t yet know your Type, I invite you to take my FREE Energy Profiling Quiz!

Leave a comment below sharing how this video helped you as a Type 4!

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