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5 Tips for Online Shopping Success (+ Bonus Tips for Your Type)

You know that feeling. The one where you’re standing in front of the mirror, wearing an item you bought online. It doesn’t look right, and it doesn’t feel right. You’ve been waiting all week for this box to arrive at your door, but now you have to send it back. It’s a total bummer.

Let’s change this experience for good.

I’ve put together 5 tips (plus a bonus tip for your Type) that will support you in having a successful online shopping experience. With this information, you’ll feel confident and excited about what’s on its way to your mailbox.

1. Know your measurements

Most online retailers provide basic measurements, such as bust, waist, and hips. If a product is featured on a model, the model’s measurements will most likely be provided, as well.

Measure your body according to the specs provided. Taking that extra time for this step will help you choose the correct size. You can keep your measurements recorded in your phone for easy reference!

Recognize that some items are more fitted and need exact measurements, while other items are meant to fit loosely and will have wiggle room in the fit.

2. Know the fabric

Identify how certain fabrics feel, because it may affect how the item fits.
For example, rayon is light and breathable, and can feel almost like silk. Knits naturally have more stretch and will hang differently than a woven fabric, such as linen or denim.

Your Type of beauty has a preference for different fits and feels. Notice what looks and feels great on you.

3. Know the manufacturer or brand

Consider which items you already own that have a fit you love. Identify the name of the manufacturer and look for more from them. The Dressing Your Truth Store lists the manufacturers of all our clothing items.

Bookmark or sign up for emails from the websites that carry items you love. This will save you time—and you’ll be notified of current sales!

4. Read the description

If you’re like me, you might move too fast to read the details. Take the time! Even if you like how the item looks online, it will be frustrating to receive it in the mail and find out it doesn’t work after all!

Does the product run large or small? Is there stretch or is it structured? Is it sheer or opaque? Is it machine-washable or will it require dry-cleaning?
Know which item descriptions matter to you and look for those. Reading reviews can give you the answer you need. You may not tend to read reviews while shopping, but what someone’s review says about the item can be exactly what you’re looking to find out.

5. Understand return policy and shipping costs

Every online store is a little bit different when it comes to returning or exchanging an item. How long is the return window? Will you receive a refund or store credit? If you tend to make purchases quickly, consider ordering from sites with an easy return and exchange process.

Bonus Online Shopping Tips for your Type

The bright, animated Type 1 woman:

You love shiny new things. Because you can be easily convinced, even by yourself, you may purchase items online that you don’t love, don’t need, or just really don’t want! Go online with enough of a plan so that you only purchase the items you meant to.

The soft, subtle Type 2 woman:

You love details. Gather enough details that allow you to make your best decisions. How many websites does that include? How many reviews should you limit yourself to reading? How many browser windows can you have opened without getting overwhelmed? When you know your limits, you will have just enough details to make your very best decisions.

The rich, dynamic Type 3 woman:

You love to get a deal. Make sure the deal is for something you truly love. Take some time to read reviews, the item description, and know your sizing so it fits when you get it. It’s only a great deal if you can really say you love how it makes you look and feel.

The bold, striking, Type 4 woman:

You have a strong opinion about what you want, so you’re willing to spend a little more for quality and uniqueness. Your patience allows you to find what you really want at the price you want—just don’t wait so long that you keep yourself from enjoying that value it could bring to your life.

Where can you go to shop for your Type of beauty?

The Dressing Your Truth Store! Our store gives you all the information you need to make purchases true to your Type. There is no other store on earth that is designed to make your shopping experience seamless!

Not only do you receive free shipping as a Lifestyle member, but you also get a monthly discount code! (Find this month’s code here.)

My team and I love having you as a customer. We strive to make sure each delivery suits your Type perfectly so you look forward to receiving packages from us. Thank you for allowing us to support you in dressing your truth!

Leave a comment and share what makes your online shopping experience a success!


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