Do You Shop True to Your Nature? What Your Shopping Habits Say About You

Tips to shop smarter for clothes you'll love & avoid shopping sabotage

Want to know the secret tip to shopping smarter for clothes you’ll love?

Thousands of women have shared with me that knowing their Energy Type and learning how to dress their truth has completely changed their shopping experience for the better.

What do your shopping habits say about who you are? When you understand your tendencies, you can more consciously manage to create shopping success rather than shopping sabotage!

Here are the 4 different Types of shoppers with tips to shop smarter for each one:

Type 1 Shopping Habits: The Fun Shopper

Type 1 energy is naturally buoyant with a random, light quality to its movement. You love new experiences and new possibilities—which shopping can offer a lot of. But sometimes there are so many possibilities that it can feel overwhelming and create a heavy, foggy feeling. And you can’t make your best decisions when you feel this way!

Trust your gut. You have the ability to shop very quickly, moving through a store or website, and seeing what catches your eye. You think well on your feet, so use that to your advantage.

Because you make decisions with a bright, quick awareness, you may purchase things that look fun and exciting at the moment only to become dull and boring after you get them home.

Tips for the Type 1 shopper:
  • It’s a good idea to know your budget and what you’re looking for before you start to buy. When shopping in stores, it can be a lot more fun for you to go with a friend or family member to create a social experience, but be aware of giving too much value to another’s feedback and not trusting your own beauty sixth sense.
  • It’s also best to leave the kids at home when you’re clothes shopping; they will just get frustrated with your “Just one more item to try on” positive attitude, and your “Let’s just go in here real quick” when you’re headed to the car!

Type 2 Shopping Habits – The Details Shopper

Type 2 energy is fluid with a connected, flowing quality to its movement. You are a natural when it comes to details and taking time to see how you feel about what you want to purchase.

As a Type 2, you’ll take the time to read the labels, look at the washing instructions, read online reviews, and ask for opinions. When you purchase an item, you’ll leave the tags on while still deciding if you want to keep it. The final purchase does not occur in your mind until you cut off the tags, throw away any packing material from online purchases, and wear the item—then you truly own it.

Because you’re so good at naturally gathering the details,  you need to make a sound purchase, you also get very overwhelmed with too much detail: reading too many reviews, going to too many stores, or trying on too many outfits.

Tips for the Type 2 shopper:
  • Take note of what stores, vendors, and brands you prefer so you can revisit them. Notice the fabrics and fit you feel comfortable in.
  • You like to shop by yourself and take your time. If you’re rushed into making a purchase, you’ll feel uncomfortable that you’re not making the best decisions—which is probably true!

Type 3 Shopping Habits – The “Get it Done” Shopper

Type 3 energy is naturally swift with a determined, push-forward quality to it. Shopping is a necessity that you might prefer to avoid, or as a “get in and get out as fast as you can” experience. Something to check off your to-do list. Swift and determined is definitely a movement you express in your shopping experience.

You can think well on your feet, and you tend to move through stores swiftly, eyeing like a hawk what you are attracted to. Getting a good deal is almost more important than loving the item! This is something to watch for, as you might end up with a closet full of clothes that are sub-par on you, but you’ll think they’re awesome because they cost you so little. Be willing to pay a little more for something that is fantastic on you. You’ll get your money’s worth over time.

You’re okay shopping with others if you can set the pace. If they slow you down, you won’t make your best shopping decisions.

Online shopping can be a challenge if you skip over too many details. Since it’s not your nature to spend time reading a lot of reviews or read the fine print, you may end up with something that does not fit, is not quite the right color, or shrinks the first time you wash it!

Tips for the Type 3 shopper:
  • If you are going to shop online, take some time to review enough details to make your best decisions—because you won’t want to take the time (or money!) to send it back!
  • You don’t like taking time trying on clothes and will find ways to avoid this. The only challenge with this is that it’s even worse to get the item home, try it on and have to return it. So, take the time to try it on—fast!

Type 4 Shopping Habits – The Exact Shopper

Type 4 energy is naturally bold with a precise, focused quality to it. As a Type 4 woman, you either like or do not like shopping, which is common for a Type 4 to be on one side or the other about most things in your world.

As a store shopper, you are a loner, and that includes no help from the sales team on the store floor. You do not want your focus to be interrupted.

You go shopping knowing what you want, and you can see with your broad vision whether or not the store will meet your expectations.

Tips for the Type 4 shopper:
  • If you are an online shopper, you will have a tendency to read the 1 and 2-star reviews first as you want to be aware of the criticisms people have. You’ll give more weight to the lower reviews than the higher reviews, as you see the world with a perfecting eye, and you feel they are the most honest reviews.
  • Give value to the high reviews as well, and meet somewhere in the middle. It’s actually a good idea to throw away the worst and best reviews to gain a more balanced opinion of what you’re considering purchasing.

What are YOUR shopping tendencies? Have any of them been sabotaging your shopping experiences? What tips are you ready to incorporate to create shopping success?

Knowing your Energy Type and Dressing Your Truth will make shopping easier for you. And to help you make it even easier, I invite you to shop at the only store on the planet that has all the merchandise separated by Type! We love supporting you in finding great items for your wardrobe and using your money wisely to create great looks that you love.


PS: Remember, even if your shopping tendencies don’t match up exactly with your Type, it doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t that Type. I encourage women not to base their assessment on an isolated tendency. Follow my assessment tools in the Energy Profiling course to accurately determine your Type!

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