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Type 1’s Biggest Skincare Issue (& How to Heal It)

Finally, the answers you need to heal the redness and flushing!

Have you heard the news?

I just launched my brand new Dressing Your Truth Anti-aging Skincare line! I’m thrilled to be able to provide you with products that are minimal, practical, and affordable—not to mention effective.

My own story of how I de-aged myself took me on a journey of discovering what creates healthy skin. That’s what I want to share with you today.

Every Type of woman can have healthy, vibrant skin. Once you know your Type, it becomes so much easier to manage the issues your skin experiences.

Let’s talk about Type 1 skin issues:

Type 1 energy is an upward, light movement. It’s buoyant, random, spontaneous and full of possibilities and hope. In Dressing Your Truth, we call this Type of woman the bright, animated woman.

(2:09) – As a Type 1 woman, your #1 issue will be with pigmentation and discoloration of your skin. You’ll have redness and flushing, which can even be diagnosed as rosacea. Redness is a sign of inflammation, and that you’re in need of hydration and better circulation.

(2:49) – (Psst! You can make this issue even worse by NOT dressing your truth!)

(3:10) – The Skin Brightening Serum from my new line will be your #1 go-to to reduce blotchiness and redness. This serum evens your skin tone and reduces discoloration. It will brighten, freshen, and rejuvenate while hydrating your skin.

Are you a Type 1 who experiences this condition? What has helped you?

Don’t let your skin be the message that tells you you’re out of balance. With the correct lifestyle and skincare products, you can easily balance your skin issues.

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