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Expert Tips for the Best Type 4 Eyewear

Have you ever felt indecisive when trying to choose eyewear? There are so many options and a lot of conflicting advice out there. Sometimes we pick out a style just because it’s trending that season.

But thanks to Dressing Your Truth, you know there’s a better way. Every piece of your outfit can be chosen to work with your still, natural movement and enhance your bold Type of Beauty.

This even applies to your glasses, which are an important part of your look since they sit right on your face!

Dressing Your Truth teaches the Five Elements of style:

  • Design Line
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Pattern
  • Fabrication

Today, our Type 4 Experts, Deborah, Sheryl, and Kalista are going to help you apply the Five Elements of style to your glasses so you can feel certain they match your regal and reflective personality.

Design Line

For eyewear, Design Line is going to be expressed in the shape of the frame.

The fashion world tells you to find glasses the opposite shape of your face: “If you have rounder features, you want more angular glasses. And if you have more angular features, you want to soften them with more curved shapes.”

Instead, what you’ll want to do is choose your frame shape that works WITH your features.

Type 4 shapes include:

  • Elongated oval with straight lines
  • Elongated rectangles
  • Parallel lines

This can apply to both sunglasses and regular glasses. The shape and size of the frame can vary based on your personal preference.

Deborah prefers larger frames in rectangular or square shapes. “Even better if the tops of the frame angles up on the outside corners. I just feel this kind of shape lifts and complements my face shape better.”

Sheryl can wear nearly any shape, as long as it has straight lines. “I like designs that have as close as possible a horizontal straight line on the top of the frame going the whole way across the eyebrows.”

Kalista enjoys a little variety in her choice. She explains, “For reading glasses, I like medium-sized rectangles with either bold frames, or frameless. For sunglasses, I like large, oversized frames, old-school glam style.”

For examples of shapes that work for you, see the Eyewear Gallery.

Color, Texture, and Pattern

We’ve combined 3 elements into this tip. Color, Texture, and Pattern will be expressed in the design you choose for your frame. You can go with one solid color, or a combination of colors to create boldness. You could even go frameless. All of these choices will increase or decrease the amount of movement in the overall design.

It’s up to you if you want your glasses to be more of a statement accessory piece, or simply a matching component to your outfit.

All three DYT Experts agree that black is their go-to color, while Deborah enjoys a little silver accent. “It goes with everything I wear,” she explains.

Sheryl likes any bold color. “I usually only wear them at night at home so I don’t care if they match what I wear. If I could only get one pair, I would choose black.”

Kalista has similar tastes as Deborah for the black and silver frames. “I like the versatility, and I like the classic way they look.”

For more ideas and inspiration, watch the Accessories portion of your DYT course for the basics.


The Fabrication element will express a little differently than in a garment of clothing. When referring to fabrication of eyewear, it means the overall comfort of the glasses. How it feels on your face.

Every Type wants comfort, and when it comes to eyewear it’s no exception.

Deborah has specific reasons for why the right fit is so necessary. She says, “I wear prescription glasses (tri-focals), and it’s important for me to have a frame design that doesn’t slide down my nose so my vision stays clear.”

Sheryl needs her glasses to feel just right as well. “They can’t be too tight or they give me a headache. If they slip down the nose, they also give me a headache because they pull on my ears.”

Kalista knows exactly what to look for when it comes to comfort. “I have a wide nose bridge, so the nose pieces need to be wide-set so they don’t pinch or make red marks on my nose. I like to push my glasses up onto my head, so I prefer that the nose pieces are molded and not the kind that are the little pads on wire because those get stuck in my hair.”

Ready to pick out your own pair of glasses?

To make it easy for you, our Type 4 Experts have selected some of their favorite glasses and sunglasses from the site, Warby-Parker.

When you shop eyewear at Warby-Parker you can select 5 different frames and try them on in the comfort of your home to get a feel for what you like. Then, just send back the ones you decided not to keep.

Check out what Type 3 Expert, Sarah, has to say about her experience with Warby-Parker:

“I LOVE Warby-Parker! I really enjoyed being able to try on so many glasses options at home before I committed to a pair. Once I decided on a pair, it was super easy to order, and they came so fast! I love their glasses, and the quality for the price is great.”

Be sure to check out Kalista’s video How to Polish Up Your Casual, Summer Look for extra tips on sunglasses.

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