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Comparing All Three Yin Yang Style Combos for the Type 4 Woman

Unlock personal style by understanding your yin yang combo

What are the variables for your Type 4 yin yang style?

It’s been so rewarding to see you all using my recent discovery of how you can add your yin yang movement to create a style that is distinctly you. You’ve enjoyed learning from the first three videos that teach the yin yang style for Types 4/14/2, and 4/3.

I want to keep encouraging you with more examples. With the help of three DYT Experts, you will learn how the Type 4 yin yang movements express with each secondary.

Along with these very insightful visual examples of each Type 4’s yin yang movement in their style, they each share their 2+1 style keywords to help you see what that looks like in an outfit.

Let’s look at each secondary yin yang and keyword combo to see how that can influence your style for a truly unique look and feel.

Would you wear that? (6:02) Let’s mix and match. Your style preferences are clues to your knowing your secondary.
How to use your yin yang combo to refine your personalized style.
  • (7:30) Type 4/1, how pattern and movement can light your spirit.
  • (8:06) Type 4/2, bringing comfort into your style will put you at ease.
  • (8:49) Type 4/3, refining your style takes your look up a notch.

As a Type 4 woman, knowing what is correct for you is important. Understanding your yin yang combo will give you the confidence to create great personal style.

What style did you most connect with? Share your 2+1 style keywords?

Want more secondary insights?

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