Why You Need the Dressing Your Truth Style Kit and How to Get the Most Out of It!

See the Style Kit in Action and You'll See How to Build an Amazing True to Type Wardrobe

How would it feel to know that everything you have in your closet is perfect for your Type?  No more wasting money on items that are not right for you!

I experience this every day, and you can too! That’s why I have created the Dressing Your Truth Style Kit (along with the free Beginner’s Guide) to get you there faster, with fewer errors, more savings, and more joy when it comes to shopping.

With the Dressing Your Truth Style Kit, you’ll shop with confidence whether online or in a store.  You will have a closet full of items you love and feel and look great in.

Watch this valuable tutorial, as I teach Theresa (and you) how to get the most value from the Style Kit. See how this single tool takes her from making numerous mistakes to 100% success.

We set up a “mock closet” in our studio to test Theresa’s skills in dividing approximately 40 items into each of the 4 Types.  How’d she do?  Not very well!

Then I gave her the Style Kit, and wow did her results improve!

Let’s see how she did!
  • (2:28) Without the Style Kit
  • (5:31) With the Style Kit
Just like it did for Teresa, the Dressing Your Truth Style Kit will improve your speed and accuracy in choosing true to Type items.  

I have spent years refining the Dressing Your Truth Style Kit as it is an essential extension of the free Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide.After watching the Dressing Your Truth Beginners Guide, your next best investment is the Style Kit. Don’t buy anything new or get rid of any of your current wardrobe without the Style Kit.

When you purchase your own Style Kit, it will not only make shopping a dream and building a wardrobe enjoyable, you also will be eligible to join your Type’s private Facebook group. You’ll be part of a community of thousands of women who “get you” and are ready to support you as you create your own true to Type wardrobe.

Get your Style Kit today!

More tips for building a wardrobe you’ll love (even on a budget):

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