Look Younger! 3 Tips for Ageless Hair

Plus, two busted hair myths about age and hair.

Want to look younger? Don’t let your hair reveal your age!

When women think about how to look younger, we often focus on skincare. But what about our hair? Our hair is a crucial part of our overall look and personal style. Maintaining it over the years is as essential as caring for our skin and body.

Just like getting regular check-ups from a doctor or facials from an esthetician, your hair needs maintenance and preventative care too.

Get ageless hair with these three tips:

1. Regular Visits to a Stylist

Split ends, grown-out color, and too many ponytail days are all evidence of not regularly visiting your stylist.

Creating a style and look that is best for you and maintaining it with regular “check-ups” keeps you from looking like you’ve given up.

Did you know, just like a doctor, a good stylist can even make recommendations of what vitamins you can take to nourish your hair from the inside?

2. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Speaking of nourishing your hair, regular moisturizing treatments can go a long way to regain the luster and shine you had when were younger.

Consider treating yourself to salon moisture treatments or at-home hot oil or conditioning treatments. These add moisture back into your hair that the daily wear and tear of the environment and styling remove.

Turning down the temp on your tools and using a protectant when styling will also help.

3.  Choose a Hair Color and Length That is Correct for You

Knowing what cut and color is best for you starts with learning your beauty Type. Dressing Your Truth gives you the tools to choose a hairstyle that honors your natural beauty. You can take this info to a trusted stylist to help you decide the appropriate color and length for your hair and lifestyle.

For more support, see 4 Steps to a Hairstyle You’ll Love! Hair Cheat Sheet for All Four Types.

The myth that women cannot look young and vibrant with gray hair is busted, thanks to role models like Jamie Lee Curtis. The new gray revolution has begun, and women of all ages are learning to go gray without looking old. Another myth is that women must cut their hair short as they age. With regular trims at the salon, long hair at any age is not only possible but a beautiful option.

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Younger-looking hair begins here!

Discovering your Type is the first empowering step to creating a style that brings out your true beauty.

I offer a free Beginner’s Guide to help you discover your Type of beauty easily—so you can continue loving your hair, your look, and your life!

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