Afraid You’ll Stand Out When You Dress Your Truth?

There you are, a beautiful woman, inside and out. You’re ready to make a change in your life and embrace Dressing Your Truth. But you have one major fear holding you back:

“I’m afraid to stand out!”

The fashion world is oftentimes associated with vanity and superficial beauty, so understandably you have the concern that others may judge you when you put time and energy into your appearance.

Do any of these fears sound familiar?

  • If I start dressing my truth, people will think I want to look better than other women!
  • I don’t want others to think I’m better than they are.
  • People will think I’m needy and seeking attention!
  • It’s vain to put time and energy into my look.

Not wanting to draw attention to yourself because of these fears is a reasonable concern! But I’m confident you’re not considering dressing your truth for any of these reasons.

You have something much deeper in your heart.

Most likely the fear of standing out is rooted in old stories and events in your life that didn’t go so well for you. But that was then, this is now. You’re older, wiser, and mature enough to navigate the changes you’re making so they draw positive and honoring attention to you.

Consider the possibility that God designed you to make the most of yourself. You were created to develop your gifts, talents, and your true nature—in both inner qualities and bodily appearance.

You have the ability and permission to be develop the best expression of you.

As you’ve seen in hundreds of real before and afters, when a woman dresses her truth, her natural beauty comes forward and you see her authentic spirit and expression.

You naturally want to celebrate her change, rather than judge it. Every before and after you experience in this manner is your before and after—you’re showing yourself that others see and experience the changes you’re making as positive.

Yes, you will stand out!

Just like in all four of these before and after’s, each of these women stand out! But for all the RIGHT reasons!

Susanne, Type 1

Shandra, Type 2

Kristen, Type 3

Lyn, Type 4

Standing out is taking a stand.

There’s a lie being told to you. A lie that makes you believe that your body and appearance are flawed. It’s called shame-based beauty. It keeps you living below your full potential. It makes you hide who you are and not live true to yourself.

Standing out for the right reasons is taking a stand for all women in the world to love and appreciate their body and appearance.

When you embrace your Type of beauty, you’ll stand out as yourself. People will recognize the real you. The bright, elegant, dynamic, or bold items you put on your body don’t draw attention to themselves, they draw attention to the true woman you are.

Share your before and after in a comment and let us celebrate your true beauty standing out!


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