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Design Line—The 5 Elements of Dressing Your Truth

"What shapes do I see?" Take a deeper look into design lines for your Type beauty

Before you dive deeper into Design Line for your Type be sure to go through my free Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide to learn the basics first.

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What is Design Line?

As you learned in the Beginner’s Guide and from your Style Kit, Design Line is one of the 5 Elements of Dressing Your Truth. The question to ask yourself is “What shapes do I see?”

Watch the video for your Type as my Dressing Your Truth Experts and I give you the in-depth look at Design Line for your Type of beauty. And order your Style Kit so that you can take this learning with you and make it your own.

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Learn more about the other 5 Elements of Dressing Your Truth:

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This content was originally presented in earlier versions of the Dressing Your Truth Online Course.

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