How to Facial Profile Type 1 Men

You can accurately Type men with this Energy Profiling tool!

“How can I profile the men in my life?”

I get asked this all the time! Women always want to profile their husbands, fathers, brothers—because it’s so enjoyable!

As the creator of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth, I tell people time and time again that the #1 most accurate assessment tool to determine someone’s Type is Facial Profiling. Go watch all 4 videos for each Type! Even though they show women’s faces, they will help you understand the mechanics of Facial Profiling much better.

Let’s go over what I look for when I profile Type 1 men:

(2:00) – Type 1 men will have an animated, youthful quality to their faces. They will look bright and upward, lively and fresh!

(3:30) – I bring pictures of different Type 1 men on the screen and point out the shapes and movement of Type 1 energy. For more photos, check out the Celebrity Galleries of each Type here!

(7:14) – What are the personality qualities of a Type 1 man? I list them here—and I bet you’ll be able to easily detect Type 1 men in your life now!

(7:37) – It’s vital to live your truth! I share what can go awry in their world when they suppress their Type 1 energy. What makes them thrive and shine?

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Do you have any Type 1 men in your life? Share what you admire about them in a comment below!

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