Perfect Holiday Sparkle for Your Type! #DYTFashionShow

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And in this #DYTFashionShow, the Dressing Your Truth Experts sparkle and shine as they share outfits featured in the DYT online store—plus they give tips and gift ideas for every woman on your list!


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Expert Picked Gifts for Every Type

Marcy’s Suggestions for Type 1:

Anne’s Suggestions for Type 2:

Anna K’s Suggestions for Type 3:

Kalista’s Suggestions for Type 4:


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Want the items shown in this fashion show? Shop the Carol Sale in the Dressing Your Truth online store!

All items were in stock at the time of this broadcast, but they started going quickly. So if something is sold out, browse the rest of the store for your Type of beauty. You’re sure to find perfect pieces that you love!

Merry & Bright Type 1 Outfits:

Soft & Lovely Type 2 Outfits:

Fancy & Glamorous Type 3 Outfits:

Sparkle & Classy Type 4 Outfits:

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