Blues, Corals, & Florals! #DYTFashionShow

Ladies, it’s time for another #DYTFashionShow—and this one is hosted by your very own Type 1 Expert, Jaleah!

She’s joined by the other DYT Experts as they show off AMAZING outfits from our brand new, revamped, awesome-sauce Dressing Your Truth Online Store!

These outfits show you how blues, corals, and florals can work for your Type of beauty when you use the Pattern Guides in our Style Kit. Have you purchased yours yet? You’re going to want to after this broadcast! Watch to see:

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All items were in stock at the time of this broadcast, but they started going quickly. So if something is sold out, browse the rest of the store for your Type of beauty. You’re sure to find perfect pieces that you love!

Fun & Fresh Type 1 Outfits:

Romantic & Dreamy Type 2 Outfits:

Sassy & Fiery Type 3 Outfits:

Bold & Dramatic Type 4 Outfits:

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