The 6 Makeup Mistakes of Women Over 40 (and 6 tips to fix them)

Dos & Don'ts for natural, mature makeup

Clumpy mascara, heavy eyeliner, bleeding lipstick, yikes! These are just a few of the ways you could be aging yourself with makeup mistakes.

As we age our skin changes. For you to look and feel your best, your makeup techniques should also change. In this makeup video, Anna K. shows you the “Do’s & Don’ts” of makeup so that you can avoid pitfalls, and feel good about how you look.

Do’s & Don’ts:

  1. (00:38) Don’t have harsh severe eyebrows. (1:07) DO use this brush correctly for a natural line and shape, (1:48) and select the correct brow powder color with this tip.
  2. (2:46) Don’t have sunken and heavy looking eyes with incorrect use of shadow textures. (4:46) DO lift and open with the correct use of shimmer and matte eyeshadows.
  3. (7:26) Don’t close in your eye with Anna K’s most seen eyeliner mistake. (8:44) DO start and end in the right place for beautifully balanced eyeliner.
  4. (9:30) Don’t have clumpy flaky lashes. (10:30) DO define your lashes with correct prep and application.
  5. (11:50) Don’t look flushed by starting your blush in the wrong place. (12:32) DO use this rule of thumb for a natural rosy cheek.
  6. (13:17) Don’t have lipgloss that feathers and bleeds be your “main event”. (13:38) DO keep things in check with the right combination of lip prep and finish.

With trusted information and the correct tools, you can enjoy your makeup and use it to support you as you gracefully mature.

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Video Transcript:

As you get older, your skin changes a little bit. As you mature, the texture changes, everything moves a little bit. And so, your makeup techniques need to also change in shift with that. I’m gonna show you the do’s and don’ts of makeup as you age.

I’m going to start with eyebrows. A lot of women choose the shade that’s either too dark or too light. Today I’m going to show you what I’ve seen a lot of women do that maybe we can improve on this technique. I’m gonna use our brush and it’s a brush that I’m going to use, actually, when we do the dos too. And I’m going to pick a color that’s a little bit dark. Now, oftentimes, I see women just do a line that’s kinda like this. They blend, they try to do it very quick, very easy. It fills in a little bit, but it is very dramatic. It definitely has an intense look to it.

Now I’m gonna show you with the right color what I would do on the other side. This color is just one or two shades lighter. As you put on the brow powder, you can see I’m just following my own hair follicles and bringing it out and following the natural line. I’m not drawing on anything. Now, sometimes your eyebrows get a little thin and you need to make sure you use your spooley part of the brush right here and that will really fill in those pieces. And it looks very, very natural. Now, you’re gonna wanna go pick a color that’s close to your own hair root color. So, if you’re dying your hair, stick within that realm too. And I just use a shade or two darker than what I already have. You saw how quick and easy I did both of them. The technique is very similar except this one just was like [inaudible 00:02:04] and it’s incredibly severe. It’s harsh, it’s edgy, it’s too much. Where this one’s much more blended, it’s much more natural. It feels like it’s my own natural brow.

Now, I am going to talk both of them off with a little bit of brow gel. And, again, how you use this brow gel matters. You don’t wanna stick a ton on there because if you do, this is what it looks like. And I see lots of women to this where all of a sudden, it looks like their eyebrows are, like, stuck to their head. And it’s because they’re pressing too hard and it doesn’t quite look as natural as the other side. So, take your time when you’re using your brow gel.

Moving on to the eyeshadow, I see a lot of women use either a shimmery or a sparkly eyeshadow for the entire eye. So, I’ll show you with that. I’m going to use this one right here. It has a little bit of pearl in it. So, this isn’t a matte matte, but it’s not a shimmer shimmer, but has a little bit of pearl. And I’m gonna add it to the whole eye. Oops, wrong color. There we go. All right, so now, you can see that I’ve got this wash on and it has a lot of pearl to it. You can see already that it started to fall into some of the texture of my skin. And you kind of see that it’s really emphasizing a few things that maybe you don’t wanna emphasize so much. So, now, I’m gonna use the darker color here, the green, because it has a little bit of shimmer in it. And I see women go right into the crease often and not really blend it out. And, again, it looks pretty harsh. And it’s causing my eye to sink back deeper into itself. And the shimmer on top of the shimmer, I think we could probably do a little bit better. But do you know what? I really do wanna add a third color. So, I’m going to add this one right here which is this medium color just to kind of tie it in and blend it. I’m not trying to be hideous, but I’m just showing you what I see a lot of women do. They really concentrate on that crease. And then I also see a lot of fallout happening right here in this area because of the sparkle and the shimmers tend to fall apart a little bit more, it falls into those texturey places right down here too. So, there’s that.

Now, I’m gonna show three different colors using similar brushes. So, this is the big powder brush. I’ll show you that. And I’m going to use the color next to it. And this one is a matte right here. And it’s just gonna be a wash. Now, already, you can see that this has a softness to it where the other one has a little bit more of a harshness to it. Nice blended there. And I’m going to those my crease brush, that one. And I’m not going to use the green this time, but I’m going to use the brown, little dark brown. And I’m going into the crease, but I’m also lifting up onto the brow bone just a touch. And this is a matte also which also allows it not to fall into those creases quite so much. And up, you wanna think up. I see a lot of people go down. And with all the shimmery colors, it tends to fall rather than lift up.

Now, with my angles brush, which is this one right here, I’m going to take this gold right here, which does have a little bit of shimmer in it. So it’s not…I’m not saying you can’t use some shimmer, I’m just saying using shimmer over the whole lid, may be a little intense. And it adds a little more contouring, it adds a little bit more depth. And I take this up here and in here. Now, I really like the way that that’s going, so I’m gonna add, with the same brush, I’m gonna add a little bit more of the dark brown. And just kind of do a V, just to give it an exotic more up. And I’m gonna show you also, on the other side, what that would look like if I did it with this sparkly and what happens. It brings the line down. And some weird flickingness. But I’ve seen this happen where it just starts to look muddy and not quite put together. So, think lighter, think an upward motion, think more mattes and then highlighting with a few shimmers rather than letting the whole thing be a shimmer because it’s way too much.

Okay. Moving on to probably one of my favorite mistakes and my favorite dos is the eyeliner. Now, I’ve seen a lot of women take a brown line or take a liner and this is a dark one and they start at the corner of their eye and they just draw a straight line like that. I wish I could say I never saw this, but I know you’ve seen it, but they’re not done. What they do is they continue to go underneath the eye and they close the whole thing. And they connect it, and they try to do…And then they’re still not done and they do the waterline with the same dark on the inside. I mean, it’s a look, and we’ve all seen it, particularly with the eyeliner. I think that this is one of the biggest mistakes that people make with the eyeliner. It’s kind of like their safety net. They feel like, “Okay, I’ve got eyeliner on, I have makeup on, I’m good to go.” Which, if you’re putting eye makeup on wrong, it really doesn’t work either way. You should just not even have worn it.

So, I’m gonna show you how to apply it correctly. By applying in the inner corner of your eye and then just small little strokes. The idea of a good liner is just to make sure those lashes are thicker. You wanna have a softer look, a more subtle feel. And if you wanna go under, I would, but you could go just to the corner. You don’t have to go all the way under. And then I would leave that bottom lid totally open unless you’re going out for a party or something, then maybe I would consider using that waterline with something darker. But most of the time I would keep that really light if I did anything at all. So, I mean, already we’re seeing kind of a big difference between our eyes.

Now, a thing about mascara, which is what we’re going on to next, I’ve seen a lot of women either wear it too much, or too little, or not at all, or they do the bottom, or they do the top and not the bottom, or they do everything and it just looks like Tammy Faye Bakker, which was a whole look and out of itself, which we wanna try and stay away from. The idea is to look really natural and pretty. So, I’m gonna show you…I’m just gonna curl both lashes. When you start to put on too much mascara or not enough mascara, it really just starts to clump and bunch. And I’ve seen a lot of women do this and not really use the right tools to get their lashes separated. So, I’m just gonna go straight to the mascara. I’m not gonna use primer.

With this eyeliner hot mess, you can barely even see that it’s on. And it’s gotten a little bit of clumpy to it. For this one, I like to kind of just brush them out to start out with, get them in a good place to start and I like to use this spooly on this brush. I think the idea of mascara is really nice, particularly with the right eyeliner. I mean, the other side looks just so scary to me, but I’ve seen women do it. Or they’ll wear a really light, light, light shadow, and really dark liner. That also just emphasizes all of the texture that you have around your eyes you’re gonna wanna try to avoid, and then I just bring my comb back up, comb through, get any little clumps out, separate a little bit more.

And I think this is a really good level of mascara, but if you feel like, “I really wanted more,” you can always add more mascara as long as you keep those lashes separated. As soon as they start to clump together, you know that should be your cutting off point and you should just stop because it’s too much. And when you have too much, then it starts to get all over your face and then you have a hard time getting it off and it’d be big black smudges and it becomes even more problematic.

Okay. Moving on to the cheeks. Now, the cheeks are really a fun one to do too because I see this happen a lot. Women will oftentimes pick a color that’s too dark. And I’m gonna pick this color right here. I’m actually gonna take some off. And they start from their cheek right here and they go all the way back. Get some on there. Maybe a little suck in cheek thing, I’m gonna start blending. And it becomes, like, a little bit of a scary nightmare. So, a really great place and rule of thumb is instead of taking it all the way back to your ear, basically, that’s what this is, all the way back to my ear, I would pick a shade lighter and I would just do the apples of my cheeks and lightly blend up. So, you wanna smile and find out where that is, right here. Then you just lightly blend. So, it’s not necessarily going all the way back to here like we see here, but it’s just got a nice little pop of smiley rosy color. It’s not about, “Look at my cheeks, and look at my contouring, and look at my, look at my.” It’s about just bringing out the color and the beautiful flesh tones that are in your own skin tone, which I really like and I think it’s really pretty.

Okay. Lips, we’re down to the lips. I love doing my lips, but the reason I love doing them is because we have some really great products that are able to stop our feathering because I hate feathering and as I’m getting a little bit older, I’ve got these little lines right here and it’s just like becoming more and more of an issue. But if you take care of your skin and you’re really moisturizing, drink lots of water, that will help minimize a lot of that. But also, I’ve seen a lot of women where they just quickly put on a gloss…Oops, wrong gloss, and it’s pretty light. The problem with gloss is it’s great for on top of lipstick, but when you use it as the main event, it really starts to…I’m gonna try to keep that in check, it really does start to feather. As much as you don’t want it to, it’s kind of a moving target. So, you will get feathering with just a straight up gloss. But you’re going kind of dark on the eyes so we’ll go a little bit lighter on the lip, which, I mean, it just kind of leaves a hot mess for everything. What I like to do is to use our invisible waterproof gel liner and just outline, you can’t even see it, the outside of this lip. This helps keep things in check and it really is a barrier between your lip line and where the feathering starts to happen. It stops the bleeding, literally in all aspects of that word. And then I add just a regular lip liner. Now, I went pretty light on the eyes, so I’m going a little bit darker on the lip also just to show some contrast between the other side.

Now, I always roll that line together so that it can kind of blend in and you don’t see a straight up line going all the way around. And then I go ahead and I add my lipstick. That’s very pretty. It compliments my outfit but doesn’t match my outfit perfectly, which is also really important. And then I add, probably, my favorite with the lipstick world that’s called lip lock and it locks in that lipstick and it doesn’t move. Now, I know there are other products out there that you could use, but I always find that they roll, or they pill, or they kind of become a bit of a hot mess after a while. This stuff, hours, hours of wear and you are good.

Now, I just do one side and then roll it up because a little bit will do you. Okay. What do you think? Which is the good side and which is the bad side? Now, you may not see everybody use all of these mistakes all at once, but I know that you’ve seen them being used at least individually. Somebody goes really heavy on their blush or they go too light on their lips and it starts to bleed or you can see it or their eyebrows are just not quite right with the shape. And I know the eyeliner, we see that every day. Don’t get caught in the don’ts. Make sure you do the dos. And if you do, you keep it really light, really easy, really simple, and your true beauty is sure to come out.

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