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Type 2’s Biggest Skincare Issue (Plus, Simple Fixes!)

Jowls and turkey necks? How to address these common issues

Have you heard the news?

I just launched my brand new Dressing Your Truth Anti-aging Skincare line! I’m thrilled to be able to provide you with products that are minimal, practical, and affordable—not to mention effective.

My own story of how I de-aged myself took me on a journey of discovering what creates healthy skin. That’s what I want to share with you today.

Every Type of woman can have healthy, vibrant skin. Once you know your Type, it becomes so much easier to manage the issues your skin experiences.

Let’s talk about Type 2 skin issues:

Type 2 energy is a downward, soft energy. Its movement is gentle and relaxed. In Dressing Your Truth, we call this Type of woman the soft, subtle woman, who leads with emotion and sensitivity.

(1:40) – As a Type 2 woman, your #1 skin issue will be with a loss of elasticity. What does that mean though? You might know this better by the more shaming reference of “jowls” and “turkey necks.”

(3:18) – The Eye Corrector Serum from my new line will be your biggest helper. When paired with the jade roller/a>, this serum helps move out the inflammation. (Watch my video on reducing dark circles and puffy eyes to learn more.)

(4:05) – Another must-have product: The Wrinkle Recovery Serum, which encourages cell turnover and tightens up your skin. But make sure you use it with the Face Smoothing Exfoliator to help remove the dead skin cells, making way for the new ones! (Note: In the video, Carol holds up a different product, but she recommends the Face Smoothing Exfoliator.)

(5:55) – Add a scoop of my Collagen Peptides Powder which restores volume and helps with elasticity.

Are you a Type 2 who experiences this condition? What has helped you?

Don’t let your skin be the message that tells you you’re out of balance. With the correct lifestyle and skincare products, you can easily balance your skin issues.

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