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Type 4’s Biggest Skincare Issue (And How to Heal It!)

Parched, crepey skin: how dehydration shows up as you age

Have you heard the news?

I just launched my brand new Dressing Your Truth Anti-aging Skincare line! I’m thrilled to be able to provide you with products that are minimal, practical, and affordable—not to mention effective.

My own story of how I de-aged myself took me on a journey of discovering what creates healthy skin. That’s what I want to share with you today.

Every Type of woman can have healthy, vibrant skin. Once you know your Type, it becomes so much easier to manage the issues your skin experiences.

Let’s talk about Type 4 skin issues:

Type 4 energy is exact, balanced, and symmetrical. It has a linear quality that’s focused and precise. In Dressing Your Truth, we call this Type of woman the bold, striking woman.

I’m a believer that 100% of the models we see in the beauty and fashion industry are Type 4 women (unless it’s a celebrity who isn’t Type 4). This is because Type 4 skin has the smallest pores, the sculpted bone structure, and symmetry to their features, and an appearance of porcelain skin.

Because of this, you might think they don’t have any skin issues – but they do!

(2:22) – As a Type 4 woman, your #1 skin issue will be dehydration. This is different from “dry skin.” It’ll look like a crinkly, wrinkly effect of crepey skin that appears parched. It does this simply because the skin cells are not retaining water.

Type 4 Skin Solutions:

(3:48) – It sounds obvious, but make sure you’re drinking enough water! You can’t go wrong with increasing your water intake.

(4:00) – For products, use the Face Smoothing Exfoliator first thing in the morning to remove dead skin cells, followed up by the Skin Brightening Serum combined with the Eye Corrector Serum.

(5:55) – In the evening, use the Wrinkle Recovery Serum (also combined with the Eye Corrector Serum!) to bump up your cell turnover while you sleep.

(6:33) – If your dehydration is extreme, consider the possibility that you may have compromised gut health, or are depleted in necessary vitamins and minerals.

Are you a Type 4 with a tip to share?

Leave a comment below and tell us how you’ve brought more health and vitality to your skin. Together, we can be a supportive resource for each other!

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