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Type 4 Proper Care and Upkeep Guide
Type 3 Dyeing Recipes
Type 2 Dyeing Recipes
Type 1 Winter White Dyeing Recipe
How Your Messy Childhood Room Messes Up Your Grown-Up Life
Quick Fitness Tips for Busy Moms
Guided Visualization to Create the Perfect Day
Creating Joy from the Challenges in Your Relationship
What To Do When A Friend Mis-Types Herself.  Find Out in this Beauty Panel Session
What’s My Secondary Energy Type? Evening with Carol
Are These 3 Lies Sabotaging your Dressing Your Truth Experience?
How the DYT Beauty Experts Determined Their Secondary Energy
Shopping Tips for Every Type of Beauty
Bring In Your Secondary, Bring Out Your Personal Style
What Your Facial Features Say About You, According to Your Energy Type
Are You a Type 2? (Who’s Actually Not a Type 2.) Sam’s Before & After
Debating Between Two Energy Types? Mary Ann’s Before & After
No Compliments When Dressing Your Truth? Kelleen’s Before & After
If I Like to Get Things Done, Am I a Type 3?
Do You Ask Other People to Help You Determine Your Type? Simple Ways to Feel More Certain
Eyewear Gallery: Inspirations for True-To-Type Glasses
How To Create Spectacular Second-Day Curls
Hair Gallery: Cuts, Colors and Styles to Inspire You!
Bras & Shapewear! Evening with Carol & Anna K
Beyond Your Style Guide—Becoming Your Own Color Expert
How to Bring Your Secondary Energy into Your Hairstyle: Evening with Carol & Stylists
How to Make Style and Lifestyle Choices That Spark Joy True to You
How to Create Bouncy, Wavy Curls With a Flat Iron
True Type 4 Blues: Colormania Episode #1
What Makes a Blue Type 2? Colormania Episode #1
Using Nail Polish to Refashion Metals
8 Items, 8 Cute Outfits! Episode #1
How to Create Subtle, Soft Curls With a Flat Iron
8 Items, 8 Comfortable Outfits. Episode #1
Feel Awesome in Your Type 3 Blues: Colormania Episode #1
How to Create Perfectly Sculpted Curls With a Flat Iron
Eyebrow Coloring 101
6 Fun Ways to Wear a Scarf
4 Lovely Ways to Wear a Scarf
8 Items, 8 Awesome Outfits! Episode #1
4 Classic Ways to Wear a Scarf
Fresh Type 1 Blues: Colormania Episode #1
How to Create Untamed Curls With a Flat Iron
What’s Your Type of Perfume?
How to Use Dye to Achieve Just the Right Color
8 Items, 8 Stunning Outfits! Episode #1
How Hobbies Can Support Your Upward, Light Movement
How Hobbies Can Support Your Fluid, Flowing Movement
5 Quick Ways to Wear a Scarf
How Hobbies Can Support Your Determined, Push-Forward Movement
How Hobbies Can Support Your Constant, Still Movement
Embracing Truth-Based Beauty: Part 1
5 Tips for Choosing a Hairstyle for Your Lifestyle
A Type 1 Before & After for a Military Mom
Are You A Certain Type Just Because You Like That Type’s Colors? Natalie’s Before & After
Mixing Patterns to Fine-Tune Your Outfits
Mixing Patterns to Create More Texture in Your Outfits
Mixing Patterns to Create Subtle Details in Your Outfits
Mixing Patterns to Create Animation in Your Outfits
Accessories: Go From Blah to Rah! Rah! Rah!
Accessories: How to Make Your Outfit Flow Together
Accessories: Take Your Look From Boring to Riveting!
Accessories: A Simple Way to Bring Your Outfit to Life
Embracing Truth-Based Beauty: Part 2
Exhausted? Consider Whether You’ve Typed Yourself Correctly
Gina’s Elegant and Powerful Type 2 Before & After
Embracing Truth-Based Beauty: Part 3
Am I a Type 3 if I’m “Bossy”? Heather’s Before & After
Benefits and How-To’s of Second-Day Hair
Time Management: Time Is Your Friend!
Time Management: Escape the Detail Loop
Time Management: Get More Results
Time Management: It’s All or Nothing
At First Brush—Bring out Your Beauty with Makeup Tools and Tips: Evening with Carol
Layering Your Clothes and Keeping it Light
Layering Your Clothes and Staying Cozy
Layering Your Clothes to Stay Textured
Layering Your Clothes for a Practically Perfect Look
How to Choose Boots You’ll

How to Choose Boots That Make You Swoon
How to Quickly Choose the Best Boots
How to Choose Boots for Your Chic Look
How to Overcome Your Type’s Challenging Tendencies: Type Talk with Carol
How to Personalize Your Look by Knowing Your Eye Shape
Flat Hair, No More! How to Backcomb Your Hair
A Dynamic Before & After for a Woman Over 40
How to Overcome Lack and Struggle in Your Relationship With Money
Outerwear: Spotlight Your Brightness This Season
Outerwear: Snuggle Up to Variety and Color This Season
Outerwear: Push the Boundaries This Season
Outerwear: Color Yourself Bold This Season
Have Some Fun With Temporary Hair Color!
Working Your Type and Style into Your Professional Wear
Winter Accessories: Play Up Your Animated Nature
Winter Accessories: Let’s Get Detailed!
Winter Accessories: Be Warm On the Go
Winter Accessories: Tips for No-Fuss Fashion
A Before & After Brings Out This Stunning Woman’s Eyes
How to Take Back Your “Hair-Power” and Get What You Want
How to Find a Happy Balance With Food
Jillee of One Good Thing Gets a Type 1 Before & After
Tips to Manage Anxiety, Fear and More: Type Talk with Carol
Your Step-By-Step Guide to Shaping Your Eyebrows
How to Allow Yourself the Comfort Food Provides
Easy Ways to Spot Type 1 Reds! Colormania Episode #2
Which of These Reds Are Type 2 Tones? Colormania Episode #2
From Rich Berry to Brick Red: Type 3 Shades. Colormania Episode #2
Pure, Classic Type 4 Reds: Colormania Episode #2
How to Stop the Starve-and-Binge Food Cycle
Refashion Your Shoes with Paint in 6 Easy Steps
How to End Extremes and Enjoy Balance with Food
Confessions of a Dressing Your Truth Expert: Evening with Carol
Introducing Q&A With Your DYT Expert!
Take Your Jeans and Tees From Drab to Fab!
Take Your Jeans and a Tee From Blah to Exquisite
Take Your Jeans and a Tee Up a Notch
Take Your Basic Black and White to a New Level
7 Necklines for Your Fun and Animated Necklaces
6 Necklines for Your Lovely, Detailed Necklaces
6 Necklines and Angled, Chunky Necklaces to Match
6 Necklines and Perfect Necklaces to Complement Them
What’s in Jaleah’s Makeup Bag?
What’s in Anne’s Makeup Bag?
What’s in Sarah’s Makeup Bag?
What’s in Kalista’s Makeup Bag?
3 Questions About Frizzy Hair, Answered
How Childhood Can Hide Your Energy Type From You
8 Items, 8 Adorable Outfits. Episode #2
8 Items, 8 Elegant Outfits. Episode #2
8 Items, 8 Dynamic Outfits. Episode #2
8 Items, 8 Classy Outfits. Episode #2
How to Organize Your Accessories
Quick Hairstyles When You’re in a Rush
How to Be Nicer to Your Hair
How to Remove Color from Clothes
4 Types Beauty Panel: New Year’s Resolutions
Balance the Bold: How to Refine Your Wardrobe
Curb the Edge: How to Find Balance in Your Wardrobe
Slow the Flow: How to Find Balance in Your Wardrobe
Watch the Pop: How to Find Balance in Your Wardrobe
Get Your Active On…Without Wearing Black!
Exercise and Activewear: What Best Supports Your Gentle Nature?
Activewear and Workout Tips That Honor Your Big Energy
How to Have a Perfect Workout Experience, True to You
How to Do Ombre Lips True to Your Energy Type
Tips to Support Volume in Your Curly Hair
Hilary of Pulling Curls Gets a Type 1 Before & After
All About Secondary Energy Types for Type 1
All About Secondary Energy Types for Type 2
3 Steps to Loving and Appreciating Your Body
Deborah’s Hair Transformation: How to Honor Your Secondary in Your Hair
All About Secondary Energy Types for Type 3
All About Secondary Energy Types for Type 4
How Relationships Work Between Energy Types: Type Talk with Carol
Tips to Determine If You’re a Type 2 or Type 4: Megan’s Before & After
How to Create a Clean Canvas for Your Makeup
Breeze Through Your Makeup Routine in 3 Minutes!
Cruise Through Your Makeup Routine in Under 4 Minutes
Speed Through Your Makeup Routine in 4 Minutes (Or Less!)
Get a Finished Makeup Look in Under 3 Minutes
Kelly Winter of Primally Inspired gets a Type 1 Before & After
Want Your Lipstick to Last Longer? Simple Tricks to Make It Happen!
How to Stay Gray and Absolutely Rock It
How to Take a Perfect Selfie
Green Smoothie Girl Gets a Type 3 Before & After
How to Dye White Clothes to Get Type 1 Tints or Type 4 Hues
Natalie Ledwell of Mind Movies Gets a Type 1 Before & After
4 Tips to Spring Clean Your Type 1 Closet — The Fun Way!
4 Tips to Spring Clean Your Type 2 Closet — The Relaxed Way
3 Tips to Spring Clean Your Type 3 Closet — The Fast Way
5 Questions to Ponder as You Spring Clean Your Closet
Your Ultimate Guide to Round Brushes
Q&A with Your DYT Expert — March 2016
How Each Energy Type Does “Ideas”
How to Live True to Your TYPE 4/1 or TYPE 1/4 Energy Combination
Annmarie Gianni’s Type 3 Before & After
Happy & Lucky Type 1 Greens! Colormania Episode #3
Romantic & Soothing Type 2 Greens. Colormania Episode #3
Rich, Earthy Type 3 Greens. Colormania Episode #3
Feel Grounded & Serene in Type 4 Green. Colormania Episode #3
Sarah’s Bold Hair #HairMakeover
Pattern 101: How to Add More Polka Dots to Your Look
Pattern 101: How to Add More Floral to Your Look
Pattern 101: How to Add Animal Print to Your Look, Correct for You
Pattern 101: How to Add More Stripes to Your Look
How Each Energy Type Does “Details”
How to Round Brush Your Hair for Maximum Volume
Skincare for Every Type: Evening with Carol
How Each Energy Type Does “To-Do Lists”
No Time to Create Volume? Velcro Rollers to the Rescue
How to Live True to Your TYPE 3/2 or TYPE 2/3 Energy Combination
3 Ideas for Animated Nails and Other Possibilities!
3 Questions to Help You Discover Your Most Lovely Nails
3 Ways to Spice Up Your Nails, True to You!
3 Ideas for Perfect Nails, True to You
How Each Energy Type Does “Perfecting”
Leanne Ely of Saving Dinner Gets a Type 1 Before & After
More Communication and Harmony with People: Type Talk with Carol
Are You a Type 3 (Who Doesn’t Want to Be a Type 3)? Ginger’s Before & After
Carol’s Tuttle’s Morning Energy Routine
Are You Ready to Take Back Your Body?
8 Items, 8 Super Fresh Outfits. Episode #3
8 Items, 8 Easy Outfits. Episode #3
8 Items, 8 Lighter Shade Outfits. Episode #3
8 Items, 8 Casually Chic Outfits. Episode #3
How to Live True to Your Type 1/2 or Type 2/1 Energy Combination
How Shoes Can Make or Break Your Type 1 Outfit
How Shoes Can Make or Break Your Type 2 Outfit
How Shoes Can Make or Break Your Type 3 Outfit
How Shoes Can Make or Break Your Type 4 Outfit
How to Easily Find What You Want When You’re Shopping
4 Reasons Why Your Bangs Are Misbehaving
How to Tap: Just a Few Minutes to More Joy, Bliss (+ More Money!)
Help! I’m Stumped With Figuring Out My Type
How Each Energy Type Defines “Comfort”
Easy Tricks for Fabulous Eyeliner
How to Live True to Your TYPE 2/4 or TYPE 4/2 Energy Combination
The Easy Way to Find a Boatload of Adorable Swimsuits
Your Swimsuit + You: A Match Made in Heaven
4 Easy Tips to Find Your Best Swimsuits
Your Swimsuit + You: Bold, Beautiful Perfection
How to Live True to Your Type 3/1 or Type 1/3 Energy Combination
Gorgeous Type 2 Before & After for Fine, Thin Hair
How to Decorate True to Your Energy: Type 1 Home Tour
Q&A with Your DYT Expert — May 2016
How to Access the New (Free!) Energy Profiling Course
Toss Out Your Shampoo! This One Product Replaces Four
Pattern 102: What if It’s Not Quite Type 1?
Pattern 102: What If It’s Not Quite Type 2?
Pattern 102: What If It’s Not Quite Type 3?
Pattern 102: What If It’s Not Quite Type 4?
Shelli’s Amazing and Life-Changing #LiveMakeover
How Each Type of Woman Experiences Sadness
How to get a Type 4 Summer Makeup Look
I Don’t Like My Type 1 Energy: Healing Session
Salon Stories: Evening with Carol
A Vibrant Type 3 Before & After That Fits Any Religious Lifestyle
How to Choose a Fun and Easy Travel Capsule Wardrobe
How to Choose a Comfy + Elegant Travel Capsule Wardrobe
How to Choose a Dynamic Travel Capsule Wardrobe
How to Choose an Effortlessly Perfect Travel Capsule Wardrobe
How to Live True to Your Type 3/4 or Type 4/3 Energy Combination
How to Make Packing a Breeze
How to Make Sure Your Packing Plans Succeed
How to Pack Smart and Enjoy Swift Travel Planning
How to Become a Packing Expert in a Few Easy Steps
Carol’s Stunning Type 4 Makeover
How to Fix Broken Makeup in 5 Easy Steps
There’s Enough Money for Everyone!
5 Tips for Healthy and Vibrant Hair This Summer
Relax Inside Michelle’s Cozy Home: Type 2 Home Tour
How to Improve Your Store Dressing Room Experience
All About Your Healing: Type Talk with Carol
A Type 4 Before & After for a Bold Woman in Her 50’s
How to Find the Perfect Color to Wear to a Wedding
How to Find A Comfortable Dress for a Wedding
How to Dress True to You For a Wedding
The Simple Way to Dress Your Truth for a Wedding
How to Interpret Energy Profiling Information Correctly. Tiffany’s Before & After
20 Lifestyle Secrets That Keep You From Aging Prematurely
Bye-Bye Hair Dryer! How to Save Time Without Losing Volume
Change Your Script With Money + Experience Happiness NOW
How to Add Extra Cuteness to Your Summer Look
How to Add More Detail to Your Basic Summer Look
How to Make Your Summer Outfits Even More Dynamic
How to Polish Up Your Casual, Summer Look
Want to See Inside Carol Tuttle’s Home? Type 3 Home Tour
A Type 1 Before & After to Love Yourself No Matter Your Body Shape
Bye-Bye Blemishes! How to Use Your Corrector Kit
Live Health Q&A With Dr. Christiane Northrup
How to Experience Menopause With More Confidence and Balance
I Don’t Like My Type 2 Energy: Healing Session
How Each Type of Woman Experiences Worry
Put a Smile on Your Face with Type 1 Yellow: Colormania Episode #4
Can Type 2s Wear Yellow? Colormania Episode #4
From Mustard to Gold: Type 3 Yellows. Colormania Episode #4
Cheer Up Your Wardrobe with Type 4 Yellow: Colormania Episode #4
Ready for Beautiful and Healthy Summer Skin?
End Vaginal Dryness for Good With This 1 Product
Emily’s Beautiful Type 2 #LiveMakeover
The Perfect Type 2 Makeover When You’ve Lost Yourself
Here’s The Truth About Split Ends
Bye-Bye Shame! How to Love Your Beauty Experience
How to Create a Joy-Filled Life: Evening with Carol
I Don’t Like My Type 3 Energy: Healing Session
How to Create a Solution to Your Problem
How to Choose Jewelry for Your Type 1 Outfit
How to Choose Jewelry for Your Type 2 Outfits
How to Choose Jewelry for Your Type 3 Outfit
How to Choose Jewelry for Your Type 4 Outfit
Something Exciting Is About to Happen
I Don’t Like My Type 4 Energy: Healing Session
Sheryl Shares Her Stunning Home: Type 4 Home Tour
How to Brighten Up Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes
Q&A with Your DYT Expert — July 2016
How One Woman Went from “I Have No Style” to “I’m Hot!”
Type 1 Favorite Colors: How to Wear Red + Yellow
Type 2 Favorite Colors: How to Wear Purple + Green
Type 3 Favorite Colors: How to Wear Green + Blue
Type 4 Favorite Colors: How to Wear Blue + Yellow
Tips for Petitioning Your Angels Using Tibetan Singing Bowls #HealingWithCarol
Create a New Experience With Money: Healing Session
Put a Skip in Your Step With This Essential Oil
These 4 Hot Tools Create 4 Different Kinds of Waves!
3 of Our Next Best #LiveMakeovers (Can You Guess Their Energy Types?)
Sigh of Relief in a Bottle… A Type 2 Essential Oil Blend
Tips for Choosing the Most Adorable Handbags Ever
Tips for Choosing a Handbag You’ll Love
Tips for Choosing the Best Handbag for Your Swift Energy
Tips for Choosing the Perfect Handbag
When Buying Makeup Is Like Throwing Away Money
How to Stop Suffering and Live a Reality You Love:
Type Talk With Carol

Type 1 Purse Profiling Fun!
Pretty in Pink! Color Tips for Each Type of Woman
How to Clean Makeup Brushes (Without Ruining Them!)
What Really Interferes With Your Beauty Sixth Sense
Purple Shampoo: Your Cure for Brassy Hair
Let’s Type the Hosts of Fox 13’s “The Place”
A Detailed Look Into Type 2 Purses
Outfit Inspiration in the 1st #DYTFashionShow!
Does Dressing Your Truth Really Work? Carol Puts It to the Test!
3 Expert Tips to Stop Fighting With Your Fine, Thin Hair
The Type 1 & Type 4 Relationship: Episode 1
Sparkle All Day with Our Frosted Makeup Tips
Struggling With Your Body Image? Watch this Healing Session
How Being Grateful Gets You More of What You Want
Balance Your Type 3 Fiery Nature with Essential Oils
Use to the Last Drop: Get the Most Out of Your Makeup
Dig Into Type 3 Purses With Us!
Spend or Splurge? What’s Worth It in the Type 1 Wardrobe
Save or Splurge? Where to Invest in your Type 2 Wardrobe
Save or Splurge? Type 3 Experts Spill Their Spending Habits
Save or Splurge? Type 4 Experts Reveal Their Spending Habits
3 Steps to Find Your Best Hair Stylist Ever
The Type 2 & Type 3 Relationship: Episode 2
Affirmations for the Type 1 Person (MP3 Audio Track)
Affirmations for the Type 2 Person (MP3 Audio Track)
Affirmations for the Type 3 Person (MP3 Audio Track)
Affirmations for the Type 4 Person (MP3 Audio Track)
Surprise! A 40th Birthday #LiveMakeover!
Feel Aligned and Grounded With this Type 4 Essential Oil Blend
2 Products to Define Your Curls or Waves
Find Your Happiest Type 1 Jeans – Colormania!
Find Your Favorite Type 2 Jeans – Colormania
How to Find Rich Type 3 Jeans—Fast! Colormania
Find the Perfect Pair of Type 4 Jeans – Colormania
A 2-Second Practice to Strengthen Your Intuition
Stuck in Someone Else’s Negativity? 2 Techniques to Clear It Away
Put the Joy Back Into Money: Healing Session
Carol’s Affirmation Recipe to Take You From Chaotic to Calm
2 Techniques to Make Every Day Pleasurable
A Before & After That Wows, Inside and Out
Peek Inside the Type 4 Minimalist Purse
A Powerful Exercise to Help You Determine Your True Self
The First Hair Talk with Expert Stylist Nicole
The Type 2 & Type 4 Relationship: Episode 3
Expert Tips for the Best Type 1 Eyewear
Expert Tips for the Best Type 2 Eyewear
Expert Tips for the Best Type 3 Eyewear
Expert Tips for the Best Type 4 Eyewear
5-Minute Eyes: Bright and Fun Type 1 Eyeshadow
Soft and Blended Neapolitan Ombre Eyes
Ditch Your Eyeshadow Rut With This 3-Color Tutorial
Get a Perfectly Sharp Eyeliner Wing – Vavoom!
Stressed Out? Reset Again with This Exercise – Healing Session
Communication That Creates a Life You Love – Evening With Carol
8 Fun Outfits for Fall (with Darker Type 1 Tints). Episode #4
8 Cozy and Elegant Type 2 Outfits for Fall. Episode #4
Up For a Challenge? Here’s 8 Outfits for Type 3s! Episode #4
8 Bold & Crisp Type 4 Outfits for Fall. Episode #4
A Before & After That Will Make You Cry. Shandra’s #LiveMakeover
Why I Never Say the W-Word
How to (Nicely) Break Up With Your Hair Stylist
The Type 1 & Type 2 Relationship: Episode 4
Finish This Sentence: “I’m Afraid to Feel…”
A Makeover That Takes You From Overthinking to Confident
What Does Jaleah Wear Every Day? #OOTD Journal
Get the Details Inside Anne’s #OOTD Journal
A Daily Journal of Sarah’s Fashion Picks #OOTD
7 Days of Kalista’s Sharp Style #OOTD
The Healing Power of Self-Acceptance: Type Talk with Carol
Could Dressing Your Truth Really Work For Me?
How Marcy Avoided “Old Lady Hair” in this #HairMakeover
Can Dressing in the Wrong Color Make You Tired?
Let’s Talk About Loving Your Complexion
Be Careful—Some Outfits Might Not Work For You!
Why “Everyone Looks Good in Black” is Just Not True
5 Tips to a Happy Hair Appointment
The Type 3 & Type 4 Relationship: Episode 5
Curious What’s in Jaleah’s Type 1 Closet?
Kristen Goes from Mom Jeans to Hot Mama #LiveMakeover
It’s Time for You to Love Yourself
Need a Lift? Get More Volume with 3 Hair Tips
Ever Feel Stuck? It Could Be Your Birth Story (Part 1)
2 Easy Blush Tips for a Natural Look
The Type 1 & Type 3 Relationship: Episode 6
So. Many. Options! Fresh Florals for Type 1
Are Stripes a Type 2 “No-No”? Take a Look…
How to Know if a Floral Pattern is Type 3
Specific Things to Look for in Type 4 Florals
Learn Salon Lingo: What’s Permanent & Demi-Permanent Color?
How to Enjoy Gratitude Even When You Don’t Feel Grateful
Create the Life You Deserve & Re-Write Your Birth Story (Part 2)
Feeling Weighed Down by Negative News? #HealingWithCarol
Every Type of Beautiful: Special Mother-Daughter Evening With Carol
Come See Anne’s Cozy & Organized Type 2 Closet
Don’t Dress Your Age. Dress Your Truth.
Pop In For a Fun Q&A With Our Type 1 Experts
Thoughtful Answers to Your Type 2 Questions: Expert Q&A
Carol & Sarah Answer Your Burning Type 3 Questions: Expert Q&A
Concise Questions. Clear Answers. Q&A with Type 4 Experts
Why Won’t Those Frizzies Stay Down? Here’s Why!
Where Are They Now? Our #LiveMakeover Guests Return!
The Type 1 & Type 1 Relationship: Episode 7
Check Out Carol’s “Grab n Go” Closet
When Is It Safe to Color Your Hair At Home?
Can Type 1s Dress Their Truth AND Be Professional? Gina’s Before & After
Orange-ize Yourself with Type 1 Tints. Colormania Episode #5
How to Find Type 2 Oranges that Make You Glow! Colormania Episode #5
Rich, Warm Shades! “Orange” You Glad You’re a Type 3? Colormania Episode #5
How to Wear the Perfect Type 4 Orange. Colormania Episode #5
Get the Inside Scoop On Your Type 1 Experts!
What Are Your Type 2 Experts Really Like?
What Don’t You Know About Your Type 3 Experts—Yet?
Would You Expect These Answers from Your Type 4 Experts?
Why Current Events Are Provoking So Much Emotion
How a Type 1 Can Shine in the Workplace
Styling Putty or Texture Taffy: Which Is Best For You?
The Type 2 & Type 2 Relationship: Episode 8
Deborah’s Stunning Type 4 Closet Will Take Your Breath Away
Not Sure if You’re a Type 1 or Type 3? This Will Help!
What To Do When a Type 1 Pushes Your Buttons
How Susan Rocked Her Type 3 Gray Hair! Before & After
A Merry & Bright Makeup Look for the Young at Heart
Food Cravings? Overeating? Heal Your Struggles Today.
The Type 3 & Type 3 Relationship: Episode 9
Embrace Your Feelings & Take Care of Yourself: Type Talk with Carol
How a Type 2 Can Feel Supported in the Workplace
How to Paint Fabric to Make it Right For You
Are Your Bold Traits Misjudged By Others? Andrea’s Before & After
Have Negative Opinions About Type 2 People? Watch This Healing Session
How a Type 3’s Passionate Nature Can Be Supported in the Workplace
The Type 4 & Type 4 Relationship: Episode 10
The Difference Between a Type 2 & Type 4 Bob
Are You a Soft Introvert or a Bold Introvert? Here’s How to Find Out
Feeling Frustrated With a Type 3 Person? You Need This Healing Session
How a Type 4 Can Feel Respected in the Workplace
2 Tips to Get Sea Salt Waves & Extra Texture
What to Do When a Type 4 Triggers You In a Negative Way
How Your True Nature Can Brighten Someone’s Day! Linda’s Before & After
Tired of Your Boring Ponytail? Take It Up a Notch With This Easy Tutorial
Suzan’s Stunning & Poised Type 4 #HairMakeover
A Powerful Visualization to Heal Your Inner Child: Type Talk With Carol
7 Essential Shoes for the Fun Type 1 Woman
7 Essential Shoes for the Soft & Subtle Type 2 Woman
7 Essential Shoes for the Dynamic Type 3 Woman
7 Essential Shoes for the Classy Type 4 Woman
Fit & Fabulous: Exercise Tips for the Type 1 Woman
Warm & Cool Colors: What Does it Mean in Dressing Your Truth?
Hair Feeling a Little Oily? Dry Shampoo for the Win!
Relaxed & Gentle Exercise Tips for the Type 2 Woman
Making Life Easy: Q&A with Dr. Christiane Northrup
What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You
How to Write the Perfect Love Letter for Every Type
21 Hair Questions in 45 Minutes! Hair Talk with Nicole
Exercise Tips for the Active Type 3 Woman
Basic & Fun Essentials for Your Type 1 Wardrobe
Basic & Beautiful Type 2 Essentials
Build a Rockin’ Type 3 Wardrobe with these Basic Essentials
The Perfect Type 4 Wardrobe with Just 21 Basic Essentials
Couples & Communication: How to Speak with Intention
What’s the Difference Between a Type 1 & Type 3 Bob?
Exercise Tips for the Structured Type 4 Woman
Trying to Lose Weight? 3 Words to Cut From Your Vocabulary
Fun Color Combo! Type 1 Orange & Blue
Peaceful Pink & Gray Color Combo
A Rich Color Combo: Purple & Coral
A Perfect Color Combo: Lime Green & Navy
Damaged Hair? Repair with a Dime-Sized Dab of This Product
How to End People-Pleasing Habits for Good! Healing Session
Do a Happy Dance with Michelle! #LiveMakeover
Can Every Type Have Red Hair?
Comparing Yourself to a Model? This Model Says Don’t
Which Therapeutic Gemstone is Best for My Energy Type?
Need a Break From Daily Life? #EnergyProfilingwithCarol
See What Our Newest Type 1 Expert Has to Say! Q&A with the Experts
A Sweet Hour with Anne & Michelle: Q&A with the Experts
Have Type 3 Features But Don’t Look Good in Type 3 Colors? Q&A with the Experts
Are You a Type 4 Who Replays Past Mistakes? Q&A with the Experts
These 5 Components of Style Can Make or Break Your Look
Type 1 Basic Accessories: Pops of Fun & Color
Type 2 Basic Accessories: Feel Lovely in the Details
Type 3 Accessories: Add Essential Edge to Your Look
Type 4 Basic Accessories: Your Secret to a Polished Look
How to Paint Your Own Designs on Clothes
Jerika & Cade’s Type 1/2 and 2/1 Relationship Combo #CoupleConversations
Need 2nd Day Hair Ideas? Twists & Braids for Every Type!
Want Healthy, Beautiful Skin? It’s Simpler Than You Think
Personality vs. Movement: #EnergyProfilingwithCarol
Brown is the New Black for Type 1! Colormania Episode #6
Beautiful Browns for Type 2: Colormania Episode #6
Earthy Browns for Type 3: Colormania Episode #6
Type 4 Icy Tints: Colormania Episode #6
Is Tapping (EFT) Backed By Science? See For Yourself!
How to Take Care of Your Yin in a Very Yang World
Carol’s Honest Reaction to a Real Makeover
Type 1: What I Wish I Knew When I Started Dressing Your Truth
Type 2: What I Wish I Knew When I Started Dressing Your Truth
Type 3: What I Wish I Knew When I Started Dressing Your Truth
Type 4: What I Wish I Knew When I Started Dressing Your Truth
Create Something Exciting for Your Future: Type Talk with Carol
How to Change Your Experience with Money: #EnergyProfilingwithCarol
Manage Money Better as a Couple by Knowing Your Money Profiles
How a Type 1 Takes on Other People’s Energy
How to Get Amazing Curls with a Flat Iron
How Important is Pattern? Examples for Every Type
Your Skincare Routine Might Be Missing This Important Step
How a Type 2 Takes on Other People’s Energy
Canada Just Got Hotter! Rosie’s Type 3 #LiveMakeover
Replace 3 Hair Products With Nicole’s Favorite Styling Cream
DIY Project: How to Refashion Your Suede Shoes
From “I’m Sorry” to “I’m Confident!” Megan’s Type 2 Before & After
How a Type 3 Takes on Other People’s Energy
How a Type 1 Can Pop with the 5 Components of Style
How a Type 2 Can Settle Into the 5 Components of Style
Rock Your Type 3 Look with the 5 Components of Style
Perfect Your Type 4 Look with the 5 Components of Style
Think You’re a Type 3? Why You Could Be a 1/4 or 4/1 Instead
How a Type 4 Takes on Other People’s Energy
A Makeup Expert’s 5 Makeup Must-Haves
Is Your Morning Routine True to Your Type?
Is Your Zodiac Sign the Same as Your Energy Type?
How to Bring Your Deep-Set Eyes Forward
A Touch of Feminine: This Spring’s #DYTFashionShow
Not Loving Your Hair? Add In Your Secondary Energy!
How to: A Nude Lip Look That Stays Put
Love Your Makeup Look With the First Ever Makeup Talk!
A Fun Way to Add Your Secondary Type to Type 1 Eyeliner
All the Details to Add Your Secondary to Type 2 Eyeliner
Adding Your Secondary to Type 3 Eyeliner Revs Up Your Look
Type 4 Eyeliner + Your Secondary Type = A Truly Distinct Look
What Your Skin is Missing When You Don’t Use a Mask
The Differences Between a Type 1 & Type 3 Pixie Cut
Invisible No More! Lyn’s Type 4 #LiveMakeover
Surprising Type 1 Eyeshadow Colors to Use With Confidence
Type 2 Eyeshadow Colors to (Comfortably) Leave Your Comfort Zone
Unexpected Type 3 Eyeshadow Colors For a Look That is WOW
A Unique Eyeshadow Combo for a Distinct Type 4 Look
Discovering Your Secondary Type: 3 Clues It’s Type 1!
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Example Post – delete before Launch
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