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Where Are They Now? Our #LiveMakeover Guests Return!

We had an amazing year of #LiveMakeovers at the Dressing Your Truth event center! Have you ever wondered what happens to these women once they return to their everyday life?

In this episode of #CarolTuttleTV, you’ll find out!

Today I brought back five out of the seven women to share their personal experiences with our community. You’ll hear stories straight from them about…

  • Why Theresa, Type 1, has felt lighter and started to laugh and smile more
  • How Andrea (Type 1) found the time to make herself feel great each morning
  • How Emily, Type 2, has redefined what it means for her to be a mom with a young baby
  • How Shandra, also Type 2, has given herself permission to be calm and relaxed, instead of feeling angry
  • How Shelli, Type 3, healed her inner child and feels not only lighter in her soul, but has also gained more physical strength!

They also answered live Q&A questions at the end about what has changed the most (in their own life or in their relationships) since discovering Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth. Their confidence will leave you feeling re-ignited to live true to yourself and share that joy with others. Watch the video below.

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