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What Does Your Christmas Tree Say About You?

From the lights you choose to the decorations you use - it all reveals something about you!

Real or artificial, star or angel, your Christmas tree is a reflection of you!

Energy Profiling is a system based on movement. Everything in our natural world leads with one of 4 Energy Types. You’ll see everything express a natural movement both in nature and your own tendencies, including how you express yourself with a Christmas tree! From the style of tree you choose to the decorations and lights you use, you’re revealing things about your preferences and processes that are true to your Energy Type.

Any Type of woman can have different preference on whether they prefer a natural or artificial tree. The kind of tree doesn’t correlate with Energy Types.  It’s what you do with it that shows you more about your Energy Type.

Type 1 – “It’s Christmas Every Day”

Type 1 movement is upward and light that we experience as fresh and fun.

It’s typical of the Type 1 experience to add the same fun, color, and lightness to your Christmas tree as you do to your personal style and your everyday life!

Debbie, a bright and animated Type 1 woman shares,

“I love to get the biggest tree possible! I use Disney ornaments that my husband bought me years ago through a Disney Storybook subscription. My husband hangs the beaded garland, and my boys hang the candy canes! It usually takes a couple of days to decorate, and it is never decorated the same each year. Very random. How Type 1 of me!”

Are you a Type 1 woman who enjoys the fun and social aspects of decorating your Christmas tree? Do you enjoy bringing your family together to decorate your tree? Or, maybe you prefer to keep the tree decorating to yourself – less stress, right? Perhaps it’s not the tree that is as important to you as the other social experiences and family traditions.

Type 2 – “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

Type 2 movement is soft and relaxed that we experience as gentle and subdued.

For the Type 2 woman, honoring her cherish loved ones by using ornaments that have sentimental value is important to her.

Stacey, a soft and subtle Type 2 woman shares,

“Tree decorating is a sentimental process for me. When I look at my tree, memories of holidays of my childhood usually come flooding back to me. I have many ornaments that are homemade, sentimental, or personalized. Some of those ornaments are extra precious because they were made by family members who have passed on.”

Are you a Type 2 woman that relates to having ornaments that are precious to you? Perhaps it’s the clothespin reindeer your first-born made in kindergarten or the delicate snowflake that Grandma crocheted. Each one is different, each one is special, they may not match, but it doesn’t matter to you. Your sentimental nature overrides any thoughts of perfectionism.

Type 3 – “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”

Type 3 movement is dynamic and pushes forward.

Some Type 3 women enjoy the adventure of hiking into the woods to cut a natural tree for their Christmas tree. Other Type 3 people would rather make it a swift grab-and-go experience of getting a natural tree at a tree lot. And others want to save the expense of a yearly tree by using an artificial one that they even leave the decorations on when they store it. Saves time, right?

Kristine, a rich and dynamic Type 3 woman shares,

“I love the adventure of going to the tree farm, selecting the tree and cutting it down even more than I enjoy the act of decorating the tree.”

Dressing Your Truth Type 3 Expert Sarah, on the other hand, prefers the practicality of an artificial tree.

“I like that I can get it up quick when I want to get it up and I don’t have to take the time to go out looking for a tree. I also like that I don’t have the mess to clean up after either.”

What Type of experience do you prefer? Do you prefer the adventure of a real tree or the practicality of an artificial tree? Or perhaps it depends on the year?

Type 4 – “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”

Type 4 movement is balanced and structured. For the Type 4 woman, tradition is a big part of the Christmas experience and the decorations on the tree. It is also common to express their style preferences in their decorations with bold colors and symmetry.   

Dressing Your Truth Type 4 Expert Kalista clearly appreciates tradition.

“I like very traditional elements like homemade gingerbread cookies and popcorn balls wrapped in colored cellophane (that can be eaten), strings of popcorn, and dried spiced orange slices.

Also, I make very delicate handmade stockings that are beaded and appliqued. These are kept high up, and only I get to handle them, except for on Christmas morning. These stockings are a family tradition that my great-great-aunt began about over 40 years ago.”

Are you a Type 4 woman who prefers traditional decorations like Kalista? Is it important to you to keep your tree simple but have it look sleek and symmetrical? Do you use bold Type 4 colors in your decorating?

Which of these 4 Energy Types do you see yourself in? What does your Christmas tree say about you?

Knowing your Energy Type is life-changing. It helps you know your true gifts and purpose of why you do what you do. It helps you accept your nuances, so you no longer see them as quirks or flaws.

Make sure to get a copy of my book; It’s Just My Nature so you can discover even more about your Energy Type and how you express it in all areas of your life – so you too can embrace your true self like the tens of thousands of woman I have helped do this.

To see more fun ways you express your true self effortlessly, you’ll enjoy my articles on your reading habits, your shopping tendencies, and yes, even your hugs reflect your true nature.

Share in the comments how you deck the halls during the holiday season!

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