Did You See These Best Makeovers of 2020?

Some of my favorite Before & After from 2020

Let’s ring in 2021 with some incredible makeovers from 2020!

It’s a new year – why not discover a new you at the same time?

That’s exactly what Dressing Your Truth did for these 8 women. 2020 was the year they discovered their true Types. I always love to follow the journey as women go through the process of discovering their true nature. Some women nail it right away, whereas others get stuck. Sometimes when that happens, I step in and offer some support. But I don’t always do it alone!

As a Dressing Your Truth Lifestyle member, I make a point to give you many opportunities to guess someone’s Type, using your facial profiling skills.

“What’s facial profiling?” These videos will be an amazing place to start if you’re brand new here!

Twice a month in our Lifestyle Facebook group, I hold #TruthBomb sessions. This is when we select women who are looking for guidance determining their Type, and then we ask them to post pictures of their faces and hands.

All Lifestyle members get a chance to give feedback and guess the woman’s Type, and then I give the final confirmation at the end.

Some of the following women were chosen for #TruthBomb sessions, whereas some of them figured it out without help. Either way, their transformations are incredible. It just goes to show that any woman of any age can benefit from discovering her Type of beauty!

Type 1: The Bright & Animated Women


Angela says, “Before and after! I have learned so much during my DYT journey up to now! Learned to wear my hair open, loving my curls and let them live by following Anne’s hair tutorials, adding color to my life. Never wore yellow before, and combined with bright red! Thank you all so much, and most to you Carol Tuttle and team! You truly changed my life!


When I shared Jill’s makeover on my Instagram page, everyone just gushed about her transformation.

“What a wonderful change!” -Diane

“Wow! What a delightful new look! 😍” -Melissa

“Wow!! Just adorable! It makes me happy just looking at her!💗” -Jule

Type 2: The Soft & Subtle Women


I love what Jaime has to say, “After DYT, I feel authentic and true and look on the outside to be a reflection of my inside. More than my physical appearance, I feel validated to be me. It’s okay and even a positive attribute to be soft and gentle and calm.”


We love what Jeimy said when I told her she was really a Type 2, “I remember my mom used to tell me, ‘Honey, those colors are just too much on you.” At the time I was season typed as a dark winter. Now, I feel like a weight has been lifted off me embracing my natural softness.”

Type 3: The Rich & Dynamic Women


After receiving some help from me, Lori shared the following, “Three weeks ago, I thought I was a Type 2 and had been living that way for several years, really believing that was my truth. Carol looked at my photo and said I was actually a Type 3! I was so shocked – it really shook me. But I decided to try to embrace that and explore it. Last night I watched the face profiling video for Type 3’s, and it became so clear! And if I’m honest I do have other characteristics of T3- I move swiftly, I walk purposefully (people say they can always tell it’s me coming even before they see me!), when I decide to do something I want to do it right now!”


The comments that came flying in about Jasmine made me smile!

“She looks so confident while rocking her T3 style!” -Cheles

“Wowee!!!🔥” -Maria Ann

“Wow! Gorgeous in both but definitely on fire dressing her truth :-)” -Share

“I LOVE THIS!” -Christine

Type 4: The Bold & Striking Woman


Cynthia’s testimonial really touched me. She shares, “In the recent #TruthBomb, Carol (and over 300 other people!!!) Typed me as Type 4! I literally went into shock with nausea, migraine, sobbing, and crashed to bed at 7:30pm. I had never displayed obvious T4 traits, and no one has ever indicated they see them in me. I have had such a transformation in my mind! I am slowly becoming aware of little indications of my true nature, and as I respond to these I feel a shift in my mental health. Instead of a constant barrage of critical inner self-talk, I am honoring and loving myself!💜 It’s early days, but I think discovering my truth has been the beginning of a wonderful story. I will be eternally thankful to Carol and all of you.


After Valerie’s #TruthBomb, she shared this #OOTD and said, “Day 1 as a Type 4. I feel so alive! That may be a common comment for all types but it truly is my first reaction. I just have to say it out loud! I haven’t worn these bright colors for quite some time. Smiling my way through it all!

These women are so inspiring! Which makeover is your favorite?

It’s time for your best makeover yet.

Join Lifestyle and ask to be a candidate for our next #TruthBomb session! Just become an annual Lifestyle member and write in to [email protected] to be considered! We’d love to have you!

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