Your Type’s Black & Fall Layers for Every Type! #DYTFashionShow

It’s time for a treat (no tricks!) during this Halloween #DYTFashionShow!

Watch as Carol and the Dressing Your Truth Experts share tips that make it easy for you to dress your truth. You’ll see different options you can use to replace black, all from the online store!


This episode of #CarolTuttleTV had a giveaway exclusively for our Facebook followers that is now closed. To watch #CarolTuttleTV live and be eligible for our giveaways, follow me on Facebook.

Want the items shown in this fashion show? Shop the Spooky Savings Sale in the Dressing Your Truth online store!

All items were in stock at the time of this broadcast, but they started going quickly. So if something is sold out, browse the rest of the store for your Type of beauty. You’re sure to find perfect pieces that you love!

Bright Type 1 Outfits:

  • Jaleah’s Stars Bursting Outfit
  • Marcy’s Refreshing Spirit Outfit

Lovely Type 2 Outfits:

  • Anne’s Winter Romance Outfit
  • Michelle’s Wisdom Fern Outfit

Dynamic Type 3 Outfits:

  • Sarah’s Sun Kiss Outfit
  • Anna K’s Captivating Purple Outfit

Classy Type 4 Outfits:

  • Kalista’s Mesmerizing Contrast Outfit
  • Deborah’s Private Crystals Outfit

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