A Touch of Feminine: This Spring’s #DYTFashionShow

How’s your spring and summer style? Let’s make it amazing!

In this #DYTFashionShow, I’m bringing you outfit inspiration, with the help of Dressing Your Truth Experts. We’re featuring softer fabrications with light layers, perfect for this transitional time of year.

Along with great outfits, you’ll also get useful tips.

See ways to make a Type 1 outfit feel more fun. Get Michelle’s detailed Type 2 pointers to organize makeup. Watch what Anna K did when Type 3 distressed colored jeans were hard to find. And hear Kalista’s tips (and confession) about Type 4 bold liquid liner.


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When this episode aired, items featured in each outfit were available in the Dressing Your Truth Store. Items started selling quickly, so if the exact item listed below is sold out, browse the rest of the store for your Type of beauty.

You’re sure to find perfect pieces that you love!

Bright Type 1 Outfits:

  • Marcy’s May Day Outfit
  • Stephanie’s Simply Fadorable Outfit

Lovely Type 2 Outfits:

  • Anne’s Walk in the Garden Outfit
  • Michelle’s Northwest Bouquet

Dynamic Type 3 Outfits:

  • Anna K’s Hot Mama Outfit
  • Sarah’s Moroccan Summer Outfit

Classy Type 4 Outfits:

  • Kalista’s True Color Outfit
  • Deborah’s Raspberry Royal Outfit

(We teach you how to dress true to your Type of beauty in the Dressing Your Truth online course. If you haven’t started, get the DYT course today.)


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