3 Reasons Women over 40 Get in a Hairstyle Rut

Hair mistakes like these have an aging effect and no woman wants that!

Are you feeling uninspired and bored with your hair? How do women over 40 get in a hairstyle rut?

Perhaps you’ve had the same style for a few years, maybe even decades! It worked in your twenties or thirties! Why not now?

There’s also the challenge of not having the time you want to dedicate to your hair and appearance. Juggling family, jobs, and other obligations, you just do what’s quick and easy.

Now that you are in your forties or older, there’s no better time to re-dedicate some attention back on yourself than right now and get out of your rut!

Your hair is a big component of your overall look and personal style. Having a great hairstyle at any age helps you feel and look confident about yourself.

I want to help you get of out of your hairstyle rut and get you on the path of loving your hair.

Answering these 3 questions will help you see why you might be in a rut!

“Is my hair too long?”

One of the main reasons you might keep your long hair is because it’s easy to just pull it up in a ponytail. That worked in your thirties but now it is beginning to feel sloppy and lazy to you. You want a style and you are even daring to cut your hair.

The truth is a lot of women look better with less hair! I am one of those women! I recently told my granddaughter Katie,

“I am just one of those gals that looks better with very short hair!”

She said to me, “And you’re right, Grandma!”

Now that’s a genuine compliment when your granddaughter is only 6!

How do you know if you would look better with shorter hair? Find out what Type of beauty you are and what hairstyle will look best to honor your facial characteristics and face shape.

You can see in Andrea’s before and after that, she is also holding a shorter style better than a longer style. And, yes – when I asked Andrea why she kept her long hair into her forties, she said was pulling it up in a ponytail!

feel light. My hair’s really thin, so I didn’t expect it to feel that much different cutting that much off. But I can feel it and I feel lighter. —Andrea, Type 1

“Is my hair too severe?”

Since we are on a ponytail theme here, let’s consider another variation of why long hair that gets put in a ponytail may not be in your best interest.

Like we already agreed, a ponytail is fast, it’s easy, and it doesn’t draw attention if you are a professional woman and if you are a mom, it’s up and out of your way.

Yet on many women, it looks too severe. Severe hair happens when you’re attempting “sleek,” but end up with slick.

Consider giving the ponytail holder and bobby pins a rest. The are plenty of other options for professional-looking hairstyles for women over 40.

Look at the change in Cyrna’s appearance by letting down her hair and getting a style that flatters her face.  Wow, this is one of my favorite before and afters.

After Cynra’s makeover, she felt completely different about her look. “I’m a rock star!” —Cynra, Type 3 woman

“Is my hair too dark?”

This hairstyle mistake often happens when women are coloring their own hair at home. A slight misjudgment in the drugstore aisle and you end up with a hair color darker than you intended.

It also happens because some women are trying to cover their gray and think that a darker color will do it better.

I always know when a woman has too dark of a hair color by noticing her hair color first and her face second.

If you find yourself going darker and darker in order to cover your gray, perhaps it’s time to consider letting nature take its beautiful course. There are so many more resources now to help women go gray without aging themselves. It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing process. Going gray for most everyone happens in stages and the transition can look amazing if you let it.

Michelle’s before and after shows her transition from coloring her hair dark for several decades to allowing herself to transition to gray. I actually think the gray is more flattering on her. That could be the case for you.

“I feel like I look softer. It’s not as stark.” – Michelle, Type 2 Woman

The best hairstyles for women over 40, begin with knowing your Type of beauty.

As I mentioned above, the first step in getting out of your hairstyle rut is Discovering your Type of beauty  Knowing your Type of beauty will give you the knowledge, confidence, and keywords you need to communicate effectively with your stylist.

You’re ready to get out of your hairstyle rut and find your ideal hairstyle. I’ll be rooting for you!

Start your Before & After today!


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